Friday, April 13, 2012

Nia and healing

I went back to Nia class today for the first time in 5 weeks -yes, 5 weeks! Back in February I started having trouble with my right arm and shoulder. I thought I had tendinitis caused by over-stretching in a chest opener in yoga class. I kept going to Nia, but my arm seemed to be getting worse and not better, so in March I decided to rest my arm entirely and not go to class. Unfortunately, it still did not get better so I saw a sports medicine orthopedic doctor this week. It turns out I have a frozen shoulder, yuck! Doesn't that sound terrible? He gave me a cortisone shot which has already helped my movement and loosened my shoulder up. I'll start physical therapy next week. He told me that movement (within reason) would not hurt my arm -in fact, it would help it. Even though I still cannot raise my right arm over my head, I went to Nia on the beach with my friend Kathy today and it was really good for me in more ways than one. I felt very grateful and emotional standing there barefoot on the beach as the music started . . .

This very short stop-motion video is made from photos I took while taking a break during class today. I am learning how to make different kinds of videos and this was fun to do. My friend kathy is an awesome teacher and has helped me to think positively about my predicament . . . .
I am healing my shoulder. xoxo

If at first you don't succeed, you're running above average.
  ~ M. H. Alderson


  1. It looks such fun, wish I could be there. To dance and exercise outside, on the beach, with the fresh air, the music, the birds and the sound of the waves, how energising it must be.

    Great video, it really gave me a feel of your experience.


  2. It's lovely to see you're back dancing, Lenna. I'm sure you'll dance your way to full health before too long!



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