Friday, April 13, 2012

limited edition sketchbook fun!

I am working . . . hmmm . . . rather I am playing at a slow but steady pace in my sketchbook that is part of the limited edition project hosted by the Art House Co-op. So far, I have put fabric of my own design over the cover and I am covering the blank pages of the journal with paper, paint, ink and even embossing powder. I cut holes in the pages first to give viewers a sneak peek at the photos I inserted throughout the book. These are my own photos and I am enjoying mixing them up with paint and paper. I have written an intro and inserted it on the inside front cover but other than that, I notice that I have not done any journaling yet. I think when I finish arting up the pages I will revisit them and add some words. My most recent pages follow, please click on any photo for a larger, more detailed one. Thanks for stopping by!

I like playing with paint and paper in this sketchbook/journal and feel it is helping me connect back to art journaling again. For more info on art journaling, I would highly recommend Julie Balzer's site and the section Art Journal every Day, yay! 

The love we give away is the only love we keep.
  ~ Elbert Hubbard


  1. You make it look so easy, Lenna! I'm loving your pages, they have a real vibrancy and movement about them. Superb.


  2. So glad to see you playing at AJED Lenna-LOVE your sneak peeks-so fun!!

  3. hi Lenna
    long time been busy and have to get back into my Limited Ed book shortly too!

    love your use of the photos and paint and all, youve kept the basic book then, by the looks of it?

    i've been doing a few of them - the little projects, and gotten a bit waylaid,
    but its always ok once you get back into the actual task of doing them, isnt it, rather than getting worried about it!

    have a lovely weekend there

    [in Canberra, Australia].

  4. Hi Rosie : )
    Yes, this time I did not change the pages by taping them together and I did not re-bind the book. I left it as is except for the doubling up of pages and cutting holes in those thicker pages.

    Yes, you are right -it is always much better to just jump in and do it!
    Thanks for commenting, lenna

  5. Hi Lenna- I really like the peephole approach you are using. The pages so far all say "texture", and the palm frond photo adds to that. It's fun watching your pages unfold.

  6. Your sketchbook is taking shape beautifully!
    Mine has now gone postal and I have to admit that I was rather sad to say goodbye! But it's good to hear from you that a new sketchbook project will start soon!

  7. Wonderful pages. I love the orange!

    xo mette



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