Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Big Gesture and more . . .

It seems to take me a while to catch up with everything these days, but that's okay. From my art class on Monday, the one I have been taking . . . I was late to class because of this:

yes, a peacock. In a driveway!

Amazing! I had to stop and get out of my car, take some photos. 
My teacher Bill said he had never gotten THAT as an excuse for being late before!
* * * 

In class, Bill demonstrated the Big Gesture with Sumi-E brush. 
Here is his demo piece below - it is a Zen idea of spontaneity in painting.
I hope to have a short video of his demo to share with you soon.

After Bill demoed, we all took turns trying this ourselves . . .  


Lynn - wow!


a close up of part of my big gesture . . .
Switching gears . . . .
don't those look delicious?

Bill is continuing to teach us about color and line and water media.


painting by BILL BUCHMAN 

Below is what I painted after listening hard to what Bill had been teaching us about not over-working the water media into the paper -let it flow and react to it instead of trying to fix it.
I am pleased!

It is hard to learn new ways but I feel at least this time I was able to tune in to what Bill has been teaching us about line, color and paint. We have just one more class . . . Bill does not resume teaching at the Longboat Key Center for the arts until next January as the classes are only held during the "season", yikes! At least I have his book and two DVDs!

painting by lenna  : )

The best way out of a problem is through it.
  ~ unknown


  1. gorgeous vibrant colours, looks like you enjoyed this one!!

  2. WOW!!! First of all I would have stopped for the peacock too-I'm trying to remember my camera wherever I go(not that I'd see a peacock here, or would I?)
    And again I am loving your class and seeing the results. Your piece filled with all that vibrant energy and color would make fabulous notecards!

  3. The big gesture pieces look like they were great fun to make! I like the look of those large juicy brushes! Shame the end is in sight as far as the class is concerned but at least you had Bill teaching you in person. I will have to content myself with his DVDs!



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