Monday, April 23, 2012

Art House projects

The Art House Co-op has had a lot of interesting collaborative projects going on this year. Most are already filled and closed and have been (or will be) exhibited soon. You can read more about all of the projects HERE-including the Sketchbook Project 2013, which is now open for registration. I just finished two more of my Art House projects and I thought I'd share them here with you. Earlier, I shared my Limited Edition sketchbook (and mailed it off on Saturday) if you missed it, find a whole post devoted to that project here.

The Note Swap - write a hand written note & receive one in exchange

The Photo Response - choose a photo provided by Art House and respond to it

I chose Photo #2

and responded with a photo of my own

The Adventure project - create a 30 second video based on an adventure

The 4x6 Project - create a 4x6 inch piece of art and receive one in exchange

The meal - everyone took a photo of a meal they were having on the same date & time.

I believe these photos were exhibited at the same time as letters to home?

Letters to Home - write a letter to your childhood home

and lastly, The fridge! part of the Things Found Series 

It has certainly been fun and kept me thinking!

Read more about all of the projects HERE. I am off to Physical Therapy for my frozen shoulder then to my last art class with Bill Buchman for a while . . . .

Nothing happens unless first a dream.
   ~ Carl Sandburg


  1. You've been really busy, Lenna! As you know I did a few of these projects but not half as much as you! Lucky people who will receive your notes and 4x6! Have you chosen your theme for the Sketchbook Project 2013 yet?

  2. What fun and a great variety of interesting projects, Lenna!

  3. Frieda, I had been meaning to tell you that I did sign up for the 2013 sketchbook project . . . I chose to wait on picking a theme. I still don't know which one to do! Did you sign up? If you did what theme???
    : ) lenna

  4. Gorgeous projects, Lenna!
    ... still trying to figure out a way to grow more hours in a day. Never enough time, to do all that I want to

    Hope your day is going great!


  5. It's lovely to see all your latest Art House Projects together. Your 'note' is so sweet, I really like your photo response and your 4x6 is wonderful. They will all be lucky recipients.

    You asked about my chosen theme for 2013 Sketchbook, chapbooks? Well, I had to look it up when I was considering what theme I would choose. A chapbook is a type of pamphlet, featuring stories of folk lore, romantic tales of chivalry, religious and moral instruction, cookbooks, guide to fortune telling and magic, and bawdy stories full of innuendo (!). I thought it gave a pretty broad base to work from.




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