Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The adventure project

Another Art House Co-op project is done and sent. I had a blast! Do you think perhaps I am hooked on their creative projects? Maybe?? This one is a 30 second video made from subsequent photos I took one day last week for their Adventure project. I will embed it in the post, but if you cannot see it, click here.

Still trying to catch up a bit . . . I saw a orthopedic sports medicine doctor today after 2 months of shoulder/arm pain. I thought it was tendinitis that would get better . . . but in fact, I have a frozen right shoulder joint -yikes. I had a shot of cortisone and will be going to physical therapy as soon as it is scheduled. Anything to bring on more movement, less pain and more mobility, I'd say! In a few days I will return to my Nia dance classes which I have surely missed. I thought the exercise was making my arm and shoulder worse, so I stopped going about a month ago. The doctor said we want to get the joint moving again within reason -don't tweak it too much. I think I can handle that, so I am looking forward to Nia on the beach on friday. 

Thanks for listening! Tomorrow you will find one of my projects up on the gauche alchemy blog as I am the Guest Designer for the month of April! It is so lovely for me to be there on gauche alchemy with my friend Jo Urbani who is also a designer for them : ) 

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.
  ~ Marc Chagall


  1. Good luck with you shoulder, Lenna! Thank you for the beautiful video. Sending you a big cyberhug xoxo

  2. Love the video,nicely done.
    Hope the shoulder gets better,I've had that and it's not fun!

  3. wishing you the best with your shoulder Lenna. Sounds like between the traditional PT and doc and the NIA you'll do just fine.
    I "liked" your video-a class I know I'd attend-love the brushes and all he used-I'm not at all familiar with them.



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