Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steven is stealing my paint!

Well, Steven is not really stealing my paint, I gave him permission! He's working on a new design for kayak paddles: drip-less,lightweight paddles -that don't drip a lot of water into the kayak. See the original photos of making these paddles here. He has made some 'non-boring' ones (a joke between us) with a nice contrasting piece of cedar in the handles . . . but he wanted to design a few kayak paddles where he used paint for the 'zing' instead of contrasting wood. He asked if he could he use some of my Lumiere paint?? why yes, perhaps for a kiss I said . . . and below is his test piece. I'll return at another time to show you a finished paddle painted with Lumiere.

Steven painted a masked off area and painted with black first, then sponged on blue & green Lumiere. Click on any photo for more paddle testing details and paint wow-ability! This sample is smaller that the real paddle handle will be.

He is looking like he really stole my paints! 

This looks very promising -- and, he has an order already! 

A curious happening . . .
Earlier today I was shocked to discover that this blog and my creative swaps blog and another blog I have set up but not published to yet (a photo blog) were truly removed from the world wide web!! When I went to the blog addresses I saw a page that said they no longer existed and had been removed. I questioned blogger via a form and sent in a verification code they text messaged me. After an hour or two, my blogs were back again. When I was asked to verify myself blogger said something about unusual activity on my sites . . . I don't know what it was (the solar flares?? a spammer?) but I am glad to have them back, especially this blog. It is a 5 year journey of my art and life. I really would have been okay without it, but I am glad it has returned!!

last night Steven took this photo, I'm
wearing necklaces from Frieda and Cat D-E
thank you again! 


  1. Lovely picture of you wearing your necklace!

  2. Look at you skinny minny! So glad your blogs were not lost (how weird). I think Steve can "steal" your paints any time...J

  3. The paint job looks great, I think he might want to start his own supply for the paddles!
    And you look gorgeous! A really lovely portrait.

  4. Oh that wa s scarry, dear Lenna- how does those things happen?
    Love what Steven did with your paint- it will look gorgeously-

  5. Can't wait to see the finished paddle! So weird about the Blogger thing, glad everything's back!

  6. I've heard of other Bloggers having that experience, I'm so glad your blogs are back!

    Steven's paddle looks wonderful!


  7. That is going to be some hot paddle! LOST YOUR BLOG?! Oh my .. that would have thrown me into a bit of a tizzie. Glad it all worked out. Necklace and you photograph --- really lovely, Lenna. Thanks for dropping by - I'm a little discombobulated lately - but at last here I am. Take care. xoDonna



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