Saturday, March 17, 2012

palma sola botanical park festival

It has been a gorgeous day here in Palma Sola, Florida . . . . Steven was asked to show off his wee lassie sailing canoe and his handmade paddles as part of the Traditional Boat Exhibit at the Palma Sola Botanical Park's Spring Plant Sale and festival ; ) There was sunshine & live music too!

The Botanical gardens -my new Sony camera takes panoramic photos - it is amazing!
The boat in the pond was made by local builder Nick Baden.

Steven describing how he made his sailing canoe . . . 
while the pups find some shade ; ) click for details

The festival was also a plant sale to benefit the botanical gardens

Steven's paddles were a hit! He had a few inquiries and cards taken . . . 
yes, that is my Lumiere paint adorning them! 

If you would like to stroll through a beautiful botanical garden and see some sights, 
including an Annihinga (snake bird) follow the link here. Enjoy! 

yours creatively, lenna 


  1. What a lovely day! Weather was near perfect today, so I'm sure everyone enjoyed this event.

  2. Lovin' the panoramic shot! Steven's oars look beautiful with your paint. It looks so hot in your photos, lucky you.

    Love your new blog background and layout too, Lenna.


  3. Snap, oh how I love it when this happens. John and I spend the afternoon in a botanic garden too on a wonderfully sunny day, and we bought some plants! No lake though and no beautiful boats. I'm sure we both had an equally good time though, being on dates with our husbands.

  4. Thanks for sharing. love the paint job on those paddles!

  5. Beautiful pictures. It looks like you both had a gorgeous day. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a sunny week!

  6. What a gorgeous day all around. The pics are so beautiful and I know you have a new camera but you deserve much credit for having such a good eye:)
    and way to go Steve!!( you may be having to share much more Lumiere paint than you thought Lenna)!

  7. So many beautiful places where you are, Lenna. Just a lovely post. I enjoyed it so much. hugs, Donna


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