Tuesday, March 6, 2012

messy fun: charcoal & pastel

I'm back to class on Mondays at Longboat Key Art Center with Bill Buchman - whoo hoo!

Bill showed us exercises we could do with charcoal to warm up and
he wanted us to think about using movement in our drawing . . . 

Below shows another demo by Bill with colored pastels.
I love watching Bill work and always learn a lot.

Most of the class we watch and listen.
For perhaps 1/3 of the class we try out what we have been seeing.
Below are two close ups of one of Bill's compositions.

I love how he selectively added color with pastels and brought this to life!

Below is one of my class pieces. I'm trying to incorporate all I have learned this afternoon . . . . movement, color, variety . . . freedom plus fun expression - go with the flow. Let the painting speak to you. Hmmmm, it's funny. No matter how it comes out, I always feel good doing it.

The name of this class is Creative Breakout!  I am learning & enjoying.

With Bill's permission I took photographs in class and a short video. I will embedded the video in my post, but if you cannot see it, please click on this link to view. It is just 1 minute 24 seconds long. 
I am learning how to make videos with sound, photos & video clips. I hope you enjoY - I think it came out good! 

: ) Lenna


  1. Looks great Lenna! the jazz soundtrack works well with the images and the teaching pictures. looks like you re having fun, great class!

    thanks for showing us, always fun to see what people do in a class.


    Rosie [Fleming]

  2. Instead of dancing with your feet you seem to have had a wonderful time dancing with your hands over the paper. And it looks like it's just as enjoyable. How I wish!!

  3. You take the coolest classes! :D Love what you created and the video is great too, you're getting good at those!

  4. That class looks brilliant - what fun to learn and play :o)



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