Tuesday, March 27, 2012

make a bad painting -it is not easy!

This was the exercise given to us by our instructor, Bill Buchman: make a bad painting. I am taking an abstract art class with him called 'Creative Breakout' on Monday afternoons, and a creative breakout it most certainly is! Bill said to us in his lecture, "Freedom is the key. Go in the direction of freedom (in your art) -take risks. That is where you will find your melody. Freedom is the battle cry, and the razor's edge you want to walk is between freedom and control. We are always trying to put a halo around everything we do. Stop judging, measuring, controlling and see if you can find that melody that will take you there. We are going to try to make a bad drawing/painting today. It is not easy. Be aware of what is going on in your mind -observe it. Remember that art is the one place where you can screw up and nobody gets hurt!!"

I had an awesome time with this prompt and will show you some of what the entire class produced. We were fairly prolific under the guidelines of this exercise!! Click on any photo for a larger one . . .  My first try, step-by-step is below. I observed myself being very aggressive with my strokes.

 Bill's painting is top right, below . . . . mine is underneath his.

Our instructor Bill's painting, below - I love it!

Another "bad' painting of mine is on the bottom right below.

Close up of my first one, below.

So many of these are GOOD!! 

I am really learning a lot, trying new things & enjoying! 


  1. Hi Lenna,

    What an interesting prompt. I imagine it gave you total freedom to do whatever you want - with no thought and no mistakes.

    Really enjoy seeing all the colors in the art.


  2. I love your blog, so imformative. I need to ask you a question. I have a great interest in Mail Art. How do I join this and are there certain rules that apply. I would appreciate any info you could convey to me. Regards, Carol Mae

  3. i have been to a few workshops but never one like this. looks like it was fun as well as informative. raylee.

  4. Carol Mae - Thank you! I love mail art and you will find a lot of photos and info on my blog. I have labeled them "mail art" and you can find them all here. There are 49 entries tagged with "mail art" on my blog so when you get to the bottom of the page (the last post) you will need to click on "older posts". The entries will continue on another page. You can also simply do a Google search for "mail art" and find a lot of info. I have more photos to inspire on my flickr photo album site. The best thing to do is to start arting-up envelopes and sending them! It is as simple as that : )) lenna

  5. Hi Lenna, Thanks so much for all the info about Mail Art. All those you posted are so unique and beautiful. I can't wait to get started, (just don't know who to send one to) LoL. Thanks again, Carol

  6. I love the variety of colors and graphics in the pieces you've shown Lenna. Looks very liberating!
    (and, no I would not have thought that first pic of yours really was yours-much darker and graphic than your norm.)

  7. Wow, what an interesting and DIFFICULT exercise.


  8. Lenna - are you truly capable of bad art LOL - I look at your very first pic and thought it was wonderful! I would love to have access to that kind of class :). J



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