Thursday, February 9, 2012

selby gardens

I went to Selby Gardens in Sarasota yesterday after taking Nia on Siesta Key. I was a little tired, but going to the gardens was such a lift and so stimulating to me creatively, I am really glad I went. I am slowly figuring out I use photography and especially taking photographs of the natural world to inspire me . . .


  1. Looks like you've had a fab day! Beautiful nature pictures, Lenna! I wish I could be there also:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely day.

  2. What a fantastic place dear Lenna,I love those gorgeous flowers, and the watercolour of the fishes are so beautiful.

  3. I feel inspired just seeing the photos - can't imagine how uplifting it had to be in person! Thanks for sharing!

  4. How lovely. I especially like the little grove of trees with the benches. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  5. Gorgeous pix, Lenna. I was at the gardens a few weeks ago. Now I have a picture of the koi pond as my wallpaper!

  6. Gorgeous! I've wanted to visit the gardens for a long time. I can see it needs to remain on the list.

  7. That's such a beautiful place, Lenna, no wonder it's inspirational. And the pictures do the same for me!

  8. How beautiful, Lenna. A place to lift the spirits, that's for sure. Gorgeous photos.


  9. Each photo is gorgeous in its own right -- but Lenna, the first group of oh my. Wonderful, beyond description.

    1. I love that first group of trees too Sheila, even though most people love the tall, tall Banyan Trees with the tiny people underneath! I was taking photos in the area and a woman saw me doing so and said something about how I should come over and take a photo of the tree grouping you like. It is right behind the koi pond and so stunning, yet so calming.
      Thanks to all for your comments, I am really glad you enjoyed the photos.

  10. Lovely pix my friend - the colours are wonderful - and it looks so WARM! Just the pick me up you needed! J

  11. What a gorgeous garden! Love the shots you got!



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