Thursday, February 23, 2012

my family is visiting!

my son Dallas and my daughter in law Liz . . . 
we went to my Mom's house today to visit and to take our boat out.

Tina and my oldest son Decklin ; ^ )

our boat Chelsea, hand built at Lucas Boatworks.
Larger photos if you click on them!

Chelsea is run on a lawn mower engine!!! (by Captain Steve)

Off we go! 

It was a beautiful day for this . . . 

hand built at Lucas boatworks

me and my hubby : )

Our "kids"

Back at Oma's, the sweet oranges were calling my boys . . . 
Steven & Dallas hang from the branch while Decklin 
uses the orange picker to get some down! 

Dallas was successful as well! YummY! 

Later at home after dinner we had a fire in the 
moon & stars fire pit

It was great to just hang out and talk

we are happy!! 

 -the kids got here late last night and are here until tuesday. so if I am scarce, that's why.
They do all have computers or ipads though, so I am sure I will get here some!!

xo best to you and yours


  1. Lovely pictures of happy times. The boat trip looks wonderful. I know you'll enjoy this special time with your 'boys' and their partners,


  2. How lovely you are all together and having such a happy time. I must say I am completely awestruck by Chelsea! She's an incredible boat and it looks so relaxing to take her out on the water. enjoy your time together and take care. hugs, Donna

  3. dear Lenna ,what a beautiful day,with kids and family-your boat looks wonderful, Lenna, and the surroundings so beautiful, that also goes for the orange tree in your mother`s garten.
    Wish you a lovely week-end-

  4. What a lovely family and a beautiful boat !

  5. What wonderful joyful pictures, Lenna. You all look so happy! Enjoy their visit and have a fabulous time together! Hugs to all!

  6. What a beautiful day! I hope y'all enjoy visiting with each other!

  7. How wonderful to have them all home together!!!! So happy for you!!

  8. Lovely pictures, Lenna! It's always wonderful to have them all home together! Isn't it?

    Gaby xo



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