Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Collaboration with Sharon Borsavage

An altered book collaboration with Sharon Borsavage. : ^ ) 

A week or 2 ago I finished up the pages in Sharon's book and sent it home to her. I wanted to wait until she received this in person before sharing online . . . and then my sons visiting from Boston kept me busy for quite a while!
Today, I got my photographs labeled, resized and uploaded. The slideshow below shows Sharon's book as if you are flipping through it in real life.  You'll see both of our altered artwork sprinkled throughout her book. My own altered book that we have also been working on collaboratively is with Sharon now and whenever she is ready and has time to finish it, I will gladly welcome it home. I don't mind waiting!

If you cannot view the slideshow below, please use this link to view it online.

Sharon and I started this exchange back in late 2009 when I was still living in Connecticut! I moved across the country when my dad was ill with cancer- then he passed away last October. Sharon had some health issues herself to deal with and so we just took our time and worked at a pace that suited us. I will forever cherish this exchange where I got to "talk" to my friend Sharon through our collaborative art! xoxoxox

There is also a companion album where I have included more process photos and work done by both Sharon and I, in my nature themed AB. You'll find it here.

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  1. Dear Lenna,
    what a beautiful nature theamed book you two have created and shared together. There are so many fantastic pages, every one stunning in it`s own way- so different, and then speaking the same language in the same time.
    I know your book will be equal beautiful, when finished.

  2. Such a wonderful collaboration, Lenna. Thank you for sharing Sharon's book - I love it. Can't wait to see yours, when it is finished.

  3. I'm sure it will be treasured by both of you! Will have to wait till I go to the library to see it in all its glory and can't wait to do so!

  4. What a fun collaboration, this is wonderful!



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