Sunday, February 19, 2012

365 photos

I hadn't been adding photos to my journal at blipfoto for quite a few weeks; until recently I was stuck at December 31st, 2011... I just did not feel like it, perhaps some sadness was still with me after my father's passing. But recently, I got the urge to start adding photos again and decided to do what is called a "back-blip" -uploading and filling in photos taken but never uploaded- to my journal during January & February. One of the blipfoto rules is you are only allowed to upload one photo to the day you took it. One slice, one memory, of that day in time. During this process of catching up and adding photos to my journal I uploaded my 365th blip! This is *celebrated as a birthday* on blipfoto! For most people it would represent a year of daily entries, but for me it was more like 14  months : ) But that's okay - there are no rules about time!  Ta da! Here is my 365th blipfoto journal entry taken from my art class with Bill Buchman:

You can read more about it on my journal entry for January 23.
I am still catching up . . . not uploading for every day that I missed, but just for days with photos that are important to me or special in some way that I want uploaded to my photo journal.

Thanks for visiting! I have changed my comments here back to a separate page instead of embedded and I hope that makes it easier for you, I heard it was troublesome at times. I am sorry if the new captcha code (prove you are not a robot) is harder to do (I find it is) but unfortunately I don't have any control over that. I need to leave comment moderation on in order to keep phishing and spam off of my sites. They still try to leave it sometimes, but this way I can catch it and no bad links are posted!


  1. Thanks for visiting from Julie's - as I browsed your blog I see so many great projects! You're very creative!

  2. Great picture choice for your Blip!

  3. Hurrah, I can comment quickly again.Missed being here as much as before although I managed to keep up with you on Blip!
    A real milestone was reached with this picture, and many congratulations! I'm so happy we are in Blip together!

  4. Wow, love those colours - they zing!!


  5. The photo of your art is WONDERFUL -- all the movement and the colours ... WOW. Love that you are using it for your banner --- simply stunning. hugs, Donna

  6. Congratulations on the 365th, and loove the journal page scribble. Looks lovely!



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