Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a walk at desoto memorial

The puppies and I went for a brisk walk at the prettiest place around here I think . . .

It is hard to get a good photo of the moss on the trees here,
but I like this one very much. The light often filters through like that.
So magical! (click for more detail)

where to next, mama? That way??

The sea grape leaves are turning, soon to drop off . . .
because it is January in Florida - it gets (relatively) cold,
and I am still in love with taking photographs.

who couldn't resist these two sweeties?! 
Asia and Chloe, sporting 'peace' bandannas I sewed for them,
just because it was fun and creative to do (and easy!).

yes, the leaves do turn colors -- even in Florida : ) 
I wore a light coat today, it's about 55. 
* I'm not complaining!!!!!! *

Stay warm, make art, sing, dance and by all means, don't forget to laugh!


  1. Oh what a stunning place dear Lenna,- that moss growing on the trees, are FANTASTIC- what a fabolous sight- and being actually able to reach up for a handful, must be wonderful.
    Your sweet dogs seem to also love this place, and whom wouldn`t !
    Wish you a great day, here it is cold and grey...

  2. Lovely park! And the dogs are certainly dressed for the occasion. They are too cute.

  3. Oh, those sweet lovelies, they look adorable! And so lucky to have walkies with their mum in a very beautiful place!

  4. A very pretty place indeed! The first photo (the moss on the trees) almost looks mystical... like it belongs in a fairy tale. :-)
    And Asia & Chloe are adorable!
    found you via CED. xoxo

  5. What a wonderful walk you had with those 2 cuties and the trees!

  6. Such a magical place to spend some time. Soul Food. The photograph of the tree -- I could look at that forever and just get lost in it. The one of your two beautiful babies --- AWWWW! Gorgeous photos, Lenna .. how wonderful you have such beauty around you. xoDonna

  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments! Much appreciated.

  8. This looks such a magical place, really pretty. Talking of really pretty - Chloe and Asia are SO gorgeous, especially wearing their cool bandannas. Rosie Mae has a red and white spotted one (although she mistakenly calls hers a banana!).


    1. A banana! Too silly, Rosie Mae. Although I admit, bandanna is hard to spell ; )

  9. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful photos and of course, I love your doggies ~ I have Yorkie and she is the Header on my blog Share the Creative Journey ` so glad I cam to your blog ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Beautiful shots Lenna, thinking about you! Hugs and Happy New Year! Marilou



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