Saturday, January 7, 2012

tagxedo - just for fun!

My friend Joanna in the UK mentioned a site called Tagxedo on her blog and showed us what she made there, a heart shaped image based on words plucked from her blog. I had to check it out . . . and try it! Here are 3 tagxedos (word clouds with style) I created from words on my blog -so fun!

thank you Joanna, of Fiddlesnips!

Go give it a whirl - you can do more involved things (these were done quite fast) like adding your own text, or even your own fonts and somehow adding a photo of your own for the Shape - I would have to read more on that option, but it looks very cool. Enjoy.


  1. Isn't this Fun. I love the shapes you can make. There is a site here "", but as far as I know, there are no cool shapes like hearts and birds. I will have to try this Lenna. This for passing it around. You know I'm crazy for hearts, however LOVE the bird too. xoDonna

  2. They look great Lenna! I really like the words Tagxedo pick out. On mine I was particularly amused to see it had picked out inappropriate, alongside other more worthy words. You featured on mine!

    I had a little play last night and, by luck rather than intention, managed to produce an image of me as a school girl with school type words. They'd make great gifts, printed and framed, don't you think?

    Glad you enjoyed having a little play.


  3. I definitely must give this a try. Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Well I can see I could spend a lot of time here! These are really fun.

  5. yes, Nancy! I think it is kind of a fun diversion . . . I've enjoyed making them and saved a few. : )

  6. this is sooo cool! I adore your word bird! If I ever get my blog up and running I'll give it a try.



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