Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012 is complete

Wow! It took me some time to do this sketchbook, but I enjoyed the process very much. I've been slowly working on my 2012 Sketchbook since late last year and finished it today. I even took a video myself, of the completed project! This came about because I really wanted to show you how the pages folded better than just plain photographs could. So, I'll include the video here, but if you cannot view it within my post, please go here to watch the video on YouTube.

Below are a few photos of me finishing up this project. Click on any of them for more details.

front cover detail
thanks to Sharon Borsavage for the cool ticket!

back cover detail

looking down at completed sketchbook

last spread

last section

cork stamping! 

Art House Co-Op really rocks! Next up: Limited Edition Sketchbook Project - due April 30, 2012. There is still room for you, hope to see you join in! One piece of everyone's art from their Sketchbook will be included in a book the Art House Co-op will be producing.

: ) lenna


  1. L. O. V. E. it! Brilliant book, I really enjoyed watching the video - and being able to hear the pages turning. I got a sense of how they feel as well as how they look.

    Super colours and texture throughout.


    1. Thank you so much, Joanna. I really appreciate your feedback! I was not planning on doing a video . . . it just happened!! And it made sense. : ) glad you enjoyed and you got to hear a bit more of my American accent!!! xoxo

  2. Oh my Lenna - I just loved your video - funny you never know what to expect when you hear another person's voice after seeing their picture so many times - it was lovely to hear you speak! And what a great sketchbook - ahhh one of these days...well done my friend. J

  3. Very cool! I signed up for a e-course on art journaling and can't wait to start. I bought a book at the local thrift shop that I will use as the base.

    Now, to go watch the video!!


  4. hi Lenna

    its lovely! of course, since we've seen it coming along over the last few months... finally bound mine and am working thru it now - put watercolor pages in. Im not as careful or patient as you seem to be, with the papers and easier with a tougher surface... I usually write a fair bit, and draw along with it, not quite as decorative as yours is, but theyre all wonderful really, the books..
    it is a great project isnt it? Be hard to send it off, soon I reckon. You really get into the process and begin to connect with the book, and the stories and everything, its a bit of a treasure!
    Thanks for your generosity with sharing yours, its inspiring to see how someone else does theirs, and see them handling the book, what a buzz! I had another Sketch book friend come to visit last week, who had hers with her. Quite special to see her book in person, after seeing the drawings online.
    anyway have a lovely week there!

    1. Hi Rosie, yes. It needs to be postmarked in 2 weeks times. There is a wee bit of sadness about letting it go, but the creating of it is more what I enjoy. The sketchbook is a treasure of sorts, but I treasure the making of it, the moment of doing it, more than the actual product. I take tons of photos of the process, so i still have it in a way evenn after I send it off . . . I hope to see yours before too long! thanks for following & writing, lenna

  5. Great work, Lenna! Love every page and together they are stunning. xoDonna

  6. I'm so impressed that you are finished with this already! I love the pull-out pages and the tabs.. the color, the found objects. Very well done, Lenna. Blogger seems to be misbehaving a bit... had a hard time leaving this comment. Hope it comes through.

    1. It came through just fine, Nancy. Sorry for any troubles and thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. Wow, Lenna, it's looking beautifully. I'm surprised you can bear to part with it. I particularly love the last picture with all that detailed stamping. Fabulous!

  8. Dear Lenna, this was a wonderful experience. Your book is so stunning, and every page shows it`s own (your`s) special life- I love the sea pages ,-and love how you made it fold out,to become those long beautiful pages. Thankyou for showing the video, it truly gave a fantastic view,that the flat photo can`t.

  9. What a treat to see this video! Loved hearing your voice and "walking through" your sketchbook! The next time I'm in New York I hope to be able to get by Art House to see it in person, what a thrill!



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