Monday, January 16, 2012

paper bead earrings!

I bought these beautiful earrings from my friend Sharon Borsavage of Livewire Jewelry. In fact, I have purchased many pieces of her jewelry! I adore her jewelry, it really speaks to me. I love what Sharon does with wire, beads and cloth. This pair of earrings particularly called to me because of the color and my interest in paper & fabric beads. I'm planning a creative swap around the idea of making & trading some! My earrings were actually a collaborative effort. Carolyn Saxby made the beads out of Tyvek and Sharon purchased these beads and made them into the earrings with wire & beads, so fab. I promised I would have Steven take some photos of me wearing them . . .

And of course we could not take just one photo!
Click on any photo for a closer look.

These earrings make me feel wonderful! 
They are the longest pair of earrings I own, but so lightweight . . .
and oh so interesting and beautiful! 

They make me smile. 
(my dad gave me the necklace I am wearing) 

with love from Steven & Lenna
happily taking photos and making stuff in Florida.

Remember to support your artist friends!


  1. Beautiful! I am looking forward to the swap!!!!!

  2. Lenna, I also LOVE dear Sharon`s jewlery, and also have some pieces I purchased from her. They are all so very special, and so beautifully made, filled with her lovely spirit.
    Thise gorgeous long ones looks fantastic to you- and they are lovely with the necklace from your father.
    The photoes of you shows the sweetest woman.

  3. Very special indeed, Lenna! I guess paper beads have become 'hot' yet again ... they are gorgeous. xoDonna

  4. The earring Sharon made are absolutely stunning ... she is a very talented lady and make such beautiful work. How nice that you mentioned my beads too. Happy weekend dear Lenna xxx



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