Wednesday, January 4, 2012

more mail art

More mail art received, this time in the form of cards! Usually I classify a decorated art envelope or postcard that is moving though the mail stream as mail art. Art for all the world to enjoy on its journey between friends, like the mail art I shared in an earlier post. But I also found on my art table a number of cards I received, lovingly hand-made, that I wanted to share.

I adore handmade cards and Joanna and Linda are beautiful creators of them! 
thank you both, for all the art you have shared with me.
click on any scan for details!

From Cat Dodt-Ellis, Sabine Schneider and Cynthia Zdankus -lucky me!
All of these women play in my creative swaps with me.

Handmade holiday and thank you cards using 2 wonderful wedding photos, by my son Dallas and my new daughter-in-law Liz, especially cherished as their wedding day will always be a bittersweet one. My dad passed away after a long illness on the very same day. I did not attend the festivities in Boston. i love seeing these photos of the happy young couple. It was good they did not find out about my dad until the next day, and so wonderful they used these particular photos (not formal) to create holiday wishes and wedding thank you cards.

That's it for now, unless I find something else (more beloved cards & envelopes) hiding elsewhere in my studio! Perhaps we should start thinking of creating valentine cards?  : ^  )


  1. More lovelies (including mine, he he!). I love the relaxed fun style of Dallas and Liz's wedding photographs, it says such a lot about the couple.


  2. I love your concept as "mail art", that has given me pause to think. I really should decorate the envelopes more, I have sometimes in the past, but never considered the concept of mail art, thanks! and thank you for stopping by my blog too!

  3. They look so happy and glad, beautiful photoes, dear Lenna.

  4. awe I love the photo cards of Dallas and Liz, along with the other cards(including mine-thank you)and mail art.

  5. Love the pix that Dallas & Liz chose for their cards, I see a lot of laughter & love in their future!

    Thanks for posting my card, I had great fun making these! All the cards & mail art are really beautiful.



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