Tuesday, January 10, 2012

art, nia, paper beads

It has been busy for me as of late, which is good, especially as I've been busy with creative things. I took some Nia classes over the weekend with 2 wonderful Black Belt Trainers, Winalee Zeeb and Caroline Kohles. On Saturday there was a 2 hour Elegant Elements (earth, air, fire, water) playshop, and on Sunday I took a regular Nia class with both trainers teaching. Winalee and Caroline are awesome and in Sarasota to run a Blue Belt Nia training with classes this whole week hosted by Nia Instructor Kelly Atkins at Sara Dance!

Saturday 01-07-12

Sunday 01-08-12 with Winalee on the far left

It was a great experience and fun to dance with my new friends I have found locally through Nia. This morning I will be back to my Nia classes on the beach with Kathy Oravec. Last week was too windy and cold for me to attend, can you imagine? It was in the 40's!

My husband Steven is making a paddle for stand-up paddle boarding for my friend Cheryl. He's made some lightweight kayak paddles and was inspired to try a stand-up paddle after talking to Cheryl about it. On Saturday after Nia, Cheryl and I stopped at Lucas Boatworks on the way home.

Chreyl LOvEs her lightweight custom made paddle!

We went out in Starfish with the electric motor

Cheryl & Chloe - too cute!

Steven with the electric motor - it's rechargable!

Yesterday was my art class at the Longboat Key center for the Arts. I had been taking photos with my instructors approval . . . and yesterday he asked me if I was filming?? I said, no -just taking pictures so far, but I certainly could!! So, I filmed one of his demos, then shared it with him and he said yes -posting it would be great! I will embed it here, but if you cannot see it below, use this link view it here on You Tube. It is fun and only 3 mins long.

  The new header on my blog came from a creative exercise I did in class with Bill last week, I wrote about it here on this post. Besides taking this class, I am preparing to teach a collage class, Collage for the Soul - locally here on Anna Maria Island! This will be mostly Nia students who found out what I do and requested a class . . . I had forgotten how fun and exciting it can be to prepare for a class like this! It has been a little over 2 years since I've taught class in person (the last time was when we lived in Connecticut!) and I am so looking forward to it on February 1st!

I have been working on creating paper beads and learning more about them . . . I am not ready to announce the swap yet but soon! Some of my beads so far . . . .

This swap will be fun! Stay tuned .  .  . 

Hope you are making time for something creative, yes?? 


  1. I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your new header - and yes, I realized it was part of a piece you did with Bill. It's awesome. So happy you are teaching again - I think it inspires us in so many ways .. as well as others. Have fun dancing. Take care, xoDonna

  2. So much inspiration!

    Waiting patiently for the beady moment!

  3. That demo is very cool, so glad you got some video! Good luck teaching your class, I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

  4. It's wonderful to see what a great and creative time you're having, Lenna. Hope that class will be the start of many more and you can tell Bill that I'm loving his DVD!
    I'll check out your videa when I'm next in the library.

  5. Fabric beads are fun too. You can press them in to embossing ink, powder them up and heat them. Try it!
    I'm glad you are getting back out there. Art heals I always say.

  6. You've been such a busy girl! Enjoy!

    ps love that photo of Cheryl and Chloe :o)

  7. Lenna - it looks like you are having so much fun! The dancing, the art instruction and I LOVE that header! The expression on your girlfriend's face toward her dog in the boat is spectacular too! Oh what would we do without our furry friends? Precious.



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