Tuesday, January 31, 2012

* Paper and Fabric beads *

There is plenty of room in this art swap I'm hosting on creative swaps, if you would like to join us! Please visit this post: New Swap - Paper & Fabric Beads for all the swap details. A slideshow of some of the beads I've made for the swap is below. You can view this very full screen by clicking on the arrows in the lower right corner after you hit 'play'.

These are so fun to make, I will definitely be trying some more.
Swap beads are due march 24 - Hope you can join us!

Monday, January 30, 2012

'Vintage' for Tag Tuesday

The theme for the past week on Tag Tuesday has been Vintage! I am getting mine in at the very end of the last possible day, but that is okay! Let me walk you through how I did it. Click on any photo for a larger one.

I had a vintage looking postcard Tag I got from Lisa at Collage stuff -
I thought that would work well for this theme.

I glued the old dictionary page down and
inked the edges with distress ink - pumice stone 

I sprayed it with water to distress it some more!

This is what it looked like when dry.

I added the image of a woman, originally from ARTchix Studio
but is now printed onto watercolor paper.

To finish my tag, I added the lace and a small shell I found yesterday
while visiting a wonderful beach with my husband.

Go visit Tag Tuesday -there is tons of inspiration there!  Plus anyone can join in after emailing our hostess Carolyn. See how to join us in the sidebar once you get there : )

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New swap I'm hosting on Creative Swaps!

It took a bit of playing, learning and organizing behind the scenes . . . but now I'm finally ready. I've just announced a new swap you can join on my creative swaps blog -which is dedicated to the art exchanges I orchestrate between participants from around the world! It's so much fun. This time we are making and swapping Paper and Fabric Beads - just click on the link to read all the details! Included in the registration fee is a 14 page lesson I wrote on making rolled fabric and paper beads. Below are some of the beads I made and used in the step-by-step lesson. Hope you'll be joining us, the swap registration remains open until all spots are filled!

It will be great fun and easy to do with the lesson I have put together. 
Visit creative swaps for all the info! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

sketchbook project fun!

It was really so fun to actually see a photograph showing my sketchbook had landed at the Art House Co-op! When I went to visit their blog today, I saw my very own sketchbook in 2 photos that they had posted! View the post here . . . You'll see mine in the first photo, in the middle of the basket and also in the last photo, third row down, all the way to the right. My sketchbook 2012 looks like this:

That was really a nice feeling to 'see' it had landed there! 

They also sent this to me via email, "Thanks for sending in your project for The Sketchbook Project: 2012! We just wanted to let you know that your project has now been cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library! It can be found on the shelves with a call number of 141.3-2."

The website is: http://www.arthousecoop.com/ and the Limited Edition Sketchbook project (the next project) still has about 1,000 spots left to be filled. (It is now filled).That project is being limited to 5,000 participants. A book of artwork is being produced from the project and you would need to have all sketchbooks in to the Art House Co-op by April 30th.

Good stuff.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a walk at desoto memorial

The puppies and I went for a brisk walk at the prettiest place around here I think . . .

It is hard to get a good photo of the moss on the trees here,
but I like this one very much. The light often filters through like that.
So magical! (click for more detail)

where to next, mama? That way??

The sea grape leaves are turning, soon to drop off . . .
because it is January in Florida - it gets (relatively) cold,
and I am still in love with taking photographs.

who couldn't resist these two sweeties?! 
Asia and Chloe, sporting 'peace' bandannas I sewed for them,
just because it was fun and creative to do (and easy!).

yes, the leaves do turn colors -- even in Florida : ) 
I wore a light coat today, it's about 55. 
* I'm not complaining!!!!!! *

Stay warm, make art, sing, dance and by all means, don't forget to laugh!

Monday, January 16, 2012

paper bead earrings!

I bought these beautiful earrings from my friend Sharon Borsavage of Livewire Jewelry. In fact, I have purchased many pieces of her jewelry! I adore her jewelry, it really speaks to me. I love what Sharon does with wire, beads and cloth. This pair of earrings particularly called to me because of the color and my interest in paper & fabric beads. I'm planning a creative swap around the idea of making & trading some! My earrings were actually a collaborative effort. Carolyn Saxby made the beads out of Tyvek and Sharon purchased these beads and made them into the earrings with wire & beads, so fab. I promised I would have Steven take some photos of me wearing them . . .

And of course we could not take just one photo!
Click on any photo for a closer look.

These earrings make me feel wonderful! 
They are the longest pair of earrings I own, but so lightweight . . .
and oh so interesting and beautiful! 

They make me smile. 
(my dad gave me the necklace I am wearing) 

with love from Steven & Lenna
happily taking photos and making stuff in Florida.

Remember to support your artist friends!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012 is complete

Wow! It took me some time to do this sketchbook, but I enjoyed the process very much. I've been slowly working on my 2012 Sketchbook since late last year and finished it today. I even took a video myself, of the completed project! This came about because I really wanted to show you how the pages folded better than just plain photographs could. So, I'll include the video here, but if you cannot view it within my post, please go here to watch the video on YouTube.

Below are a few photos of me finishing up this project. Click on any of them for more details.

front cover detail
thanks to Sharon Borsavage for the cool ticket!

back cover detail

looking down at completed sketchbook

last spread

last section

cork stamping! 

Art House Co-Op really rocks! Next up: Limited Edition Sketchbook Project - due April 30, 2012. There is still room for you, hope to see you join in! One piece of everyone's art from their Sketchbook will be included in a book the Art House Co-op will be producing.

: ) lenna

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

art, nia, paper beads

It has been busy for me as of late, which is good, especially as I've been busy with creative things. I took some Nia classes over the weekend with 2 wonderful Black Belt Trainers, Winalee Zeeb and Caroline Kohles. On Saturday there was a 2 hour Elegant Elements (earth, air, fire, water) playshop, and on Sunday I took a regular Nia class with both trainers teaching. Winalee and Caroline are awesome and in Sarasota to run a Blue Belt Nia training with classes this whole week hosted by Nia Instructor Kelly Atkins at Sara Dance!

Saturday 01-07-12

Sunday 01-08-12 with Winalee on the far left

It was a great experience and fun to dance with my new friends I have found locally through Nia. This morning I will be back to my Nia classes on the beach with Kathy Oravec. Last week was too windy and cold for me to attend, can you imagine? It was in the 40's!

My husband Steven is making a paddle for stand-up paddle boarding for my friend Cheryl. He's made some lightweight kayak paddles and was inspired to try a stand-up paddle after talking to Cheryl about it. On Saturday after Nia, Cheryl and I stopped at Lucas Boatworks on the way home.

Chreyl LOvEs her lightweight custom made paddle!

We went out in Starfish with the electric motor

Cheryl & Chloe - too cute!

Steven with the electric motor - it's rechargable!

Yesterday was my art class at the Longboat Key center for the Arts. I had been taking photos with my instructors approval . . . and yesterday he asked me if I was filming?? I said, no -just taking pictures so far, but I certainly could!! So, I filmed one of his demos, then shared it with him and he said yes -posting it would be great! I will embed it here, but if you cannot see it below, use this link view it here on You Tube. It is fun and only 3 mins long.

  The new header on my blog came from a creative exercise I did in class with Bill last week, I wrote about it here on this post. Besides taking this class, I am preparing to teach a collage class, Collage for the Soul - locally here on Anna Maria Island! This will be mostly Nia students who found out what I do and requested a class . . . I had forgotten how fun and exciting it can be to prepare for a class like this! It has been a little over 2 years since I've taught class in person (the last time was when we lived in Connecticut!) and I am so looking forward to it on February 1st!

I have been working on creating paper beads and learning more about them . . . I am not ready to announce the swap yet but soon! Some of my beads so far . . . .

This swap will be fun! Stay tuned .  .  . 

Hope you are making time for something creative, yes?? 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

tagxedo - just for fun!

My friend Joanna in the UK mentioned a site called Tagxedo on her blog and showed us what she made there, a heart shaped image based on words plucked from her blog. I had to check it out . . . and try it! Here are 3 tagxedos (word clouds with style) I created from words on my blog -so fun!

thank you Joanna, of Fiddlesnips!

Go give it a whirl - you can do more involved things (these were done quite fast) like adding your own text, or even your own fonts and somehow adding a photo of your own for the Shape - I would have to read more on that option, but it looks very cool. Enjoy.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Art Journal every day with Julie Balzer

 - Last year, when I was really just starting out with Art Journaling, I found Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She gave me lots of inspiration, ideas, and she really got me committed to working in a journal just for myself, which I did almost every day for four months! Wow. I love those 2 journals -see them here - that I packed full of art techniques, exploration, discoveries, and photographs I took. I put my raw feelings and emotions into those journals through words or art . . . it became a diary of sorts. My only trouble was after 4 months, I had a hard time trying to continue on a daily basis -even if it was just to prepare a background on a page - and felt guilty when I didn't! So I decided to continue art journaling, but not on a daily basis, along with all the other creative things i like to do.

But you know what? I missed it! And I did not journal as regularly without that commitment.

Today I came across Julie's first Friday post for Art Journal Everyday (on her blog) called: Why I Art Journal. I highly recommend you go read it!! Besides being a great article in itself, I discovered that Julie has decided to tweak the Art Journal every day project a bit and I think it's a fantastic idea! She writes:

I'm doing the "sign-ups" a little bit differently in 2012.  Instead of committing ahead of time (and then feeling guilty if you don't do it), every week I'll ask you to link us up to an art journal page you made that week.  You can post it on your blog, on flickr, in a scrapbooking gallery, wherever you want.  This is a no guilt game.  If you get a little art journaling done, great!  If you don't, c'est la vie.

I love it! I'm in, Julie. Below are some of my favorite pages I made via ART Journal every day in 2011 -

* * * 


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