Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tour of Lucas Boatworks

While my sister and her family are visiting from Connecticut, we wanted them to visit Lucas Boatworks so they could see it first hand. We originally thought we'd put kayaks in the water, but the weather was not that great . .. it was okay, but not really "let's get out in the water" type of weather. But, I took Kathy and her husband Dan and their two boys - ages 17 and 20, out to meet up with Steven there yesterday and they still enjoyed, even without the actual boating!

Kathy, Dan & Ian with Steven down on  the dock- Asia too!
(love the Spanish moss -love that dock!)

Steven with Howard's melonseed sailboat, almost done.
There is always to much to see in the pole barn!

my nephew Ian, Dan and Steven walking by Wally's melonseed

Kathy checking out the weight of one of Steven's handmade kayak paddles -it's very light!

The new paddle he is working on for a Stand-up paddle board

Steven showing us some of the cedar he cut to create the paddle

My friend Cheryl stopped by, yay!! She brought her stand-up paddle and 2 other ones
for Steven to check out. This is his first stand-up paddle design, so sweet of her!
(Dave Lucas watches Steven's antics and says, "crazy steve")

3 different paddles for stand-up boarding - all different
I will share with you the prototype Steven is making for Cheryl when he's finished!

My nephew Dale talking  to dave Lucas about the boat he is building

Then dale, kathy and I went in for a tour of Helen's quilt room!!
Look at the view she has of the Braden River.... mmmmm!

Helen explaining about a collaborative quilt she made, The Fisherman.

She even took it out and showed it to us -beautiful and award winning!!

I could not resist taking this photo - batiks are my favorite fabrics.

This is the most beautiful quilt that Helen made with batiks

Helen says this quilt is Dave's favorite -so cool!

Steve and Dave take Starfish out of the water since we decided not to go out . . . .

Dave helps, driving my dad's old tractor.
Everyone, Kathy, Dan & both nephews were so pleased 
to see dad's tractor still in use. 

Later we came home and I opened the present Cheryl gave us:
a Christmas Cracker!
complete with crown!!
: ) a happy boxing day for us in Florida, 
I hope all is well with you and yours, lenna

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  1. Nice times together, Lenna. And not a bad combination either .. a little boating .. a little quilting ... what's not to like. Beautiful country you live in ... and Oh My ... those quilts! xxDonna

  2. Dear Lenna, what a beautiful tour you all had- so wonderful nature surroundings,there- and your friends quilts are gorgeous.
    Rayning a lot here, today-(and all christmas)- but I suppose it is better than a lot of snow.

  3. What a wonderful day to share with us Lenna. Thanks so much. You live in a beautiful place! I received your card yesterday. Thank you so much. What an amazing photo of you and Deklin. I feel the same as you and keep you close in my heart. We met for a reason Lenna. and I always credit you for helping me find my art voice again.

  4. Never kenw there were so many different sort of paddles. They all look gorgeous but I specially loved seeing all Helen's beautiful quilts as well as where she makes them. Wonderful!

  5. A wonderful day shared with family and friends. And you got a Christmas cracker!! You should really tell us the joke in the cracker - so we can all groan!


  6. How much fun!! So glad you get to see your family often!!

  7. Oh joanna! It was so silly what it said . . . .
    Q: What is yellow and white and goes down a train track at 100 miles an hour?
    A: A train driver’s egg sandwich!

    So very silly, but it sounds like all the crackers are like that? It is not a common thing here in the USA, but I knew it was common in the UK because of all the photos I saw on various Blipfoto journals . . . which is headquartered in the UK!

  8. All Christmas cracker jokes make you groan - just think, it's someone's job to come up with them year after year!

    Crackers are big in the UK - you HAVE to have them on the table on Christmas Day IT'S THE LAW (not really!!).




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