Tuesday, December 13, 2011

purple section: sketchbook project 2012

I've been working away on my 2012 sketchbook project, finishing up the 3rd section of folded pages (out of 4). This section was painted with purple Lumiere. I cut circles earlier in it while working on the second section and I know some of you wondered what I would do with them? Here is my diary of sorts to show you: in process photos and some notes.

I cut out a vintage postcard image in the same circle size 

I glued it in place and also stitched around it and on the page

I added more rubber stamping to peek out through the circles I cut

Now you see the postcard image with the page unfolded

The page is tucked back in again and more stamping is added

This is the back of where I sewed my images.
I've added a painting of Lenna Glackens, by my great uncle, William Glackens.

This shows the next section coming up, brown . . . I have added the cut out
purple circle to this section of pages!

The purple section folded up, next to the brown section 
journaling in my sketchbook 
more journaling
the cover, with my theme spelled out
Just a couple of more views of the way the pages fold & spread out . . .
That's it for now! I have one section, the brown & gold section left to complete before sending this sketchbook in to become part of the Sketchbook Project 2012 hosted by the Art House Co-op. The 2012 project is closed for sign-ups, but the Special Edition project is OPEN! I would highly recommend signing up. This is my 2nd Sketchbook project and I am already registered for the Special Edition. If you are just joining me or want to look back at what I have done in the 2012 project, use this link to view all of the posts tagged with: Sketchbook Project 2012. This post will be first and then the rest will follow. If you are interested in what I did last year for the 2011 project, just visit my portfolio on the Art House Co-op!

Go make something - anything!!  : ^ ) lenna


  1. Doing well Lenna! jus popped in to sketchbook at your place now, to see again how youve made your cover, or rather attached it to the pages....
    Beautiful colors and I like the way youve made it a journal, not just a book of 'pretty stuff'. Ive gotten a bit over the decorative journal stuff - there has to be a point to them really. Especially with this kind of a project, otherwise the book doesnt connect to anyone much. The photos and the paining are precious too... how lucky to have that family stuff to use! Inspiring me to search about in our family cupboards now... :)

    have a great rest of the week

  2. Just excellent ... turning out so interesting with so many wonderful surprises. xxDonna ps: Did I tell you I LOVE your new banner. A photo you took yourself, no doubt. WONDERFUL!

  3. Thank you so much Donna . . . I have been re-working my blog and feel pleased with it now. You are so kind to notice. Yes!! I took that photo this morning, amazing isn't it?? xoxo lenna

  4. Love the vintage postcard you've used and that purple colour is simply luscious! And you're almost done!! Can't wait to see what you will be doing with the brown and gold.

    And I too love the new banner.

  5. I nearly missed this post - I'm so glad I was wandering around your blog and found it!

    Great pages, I LOVE that purple, rich rich rich! Your contribution to this project has been superb, really unusual and different - just like you!

    So you've nearly finished your sketchbook - me too! I wanted to send mine off by Christmas to make sure it gets to its destination in good time. I've just got to make sure everything's stuck down properly. I'll be doing a post over the next few days with all of my pages.

    Your blog is looking wonderful, btw. Well done!


  6. Hi Lenna, thank you for pointing me in the direction of your sketchbook ... it is a joy to see. You have done so well!!! You must be feeling very prouds of your beautiful pages

    I'm almost done with mine too ... but have not had the time to blog over the recent months ... something I am going to put right very soon!!

    So lovely to see you on TAG TUESDAY ... think it's gonna be a fun one!

    Bye for now x



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