Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Paper December challenge

My response to Mary Green's December 2011 challenge:
Where shall I go next? Europe or Kansas? 
(see below)

Each month Mary provides a collage sheet with 3 images and challenges us to create something, anything! All that is required is to use at least a part of all 3 images. For December's challenge she uploaded this lovely grouping for us to work with:

I printed this sheet out 3 times, once on brochure paper for a nice crisp print, once on vellum paper (translucent) and once on plain paper at 50% of the normal size so I would have some images smaller. I layered the vellum print of the lady with the hat directly over the paper copy of the same to soften it. Then I slipped the vellum copy of the map in between the two as I liked how it looked layered over her face, like she was thinking about traveling. I attached the smaller size calling card on top of the paper copy of the woman's hat, but underneath the vellum one and then stitched my papers together. I am thinking it would make a lovely postcard. Thank you Mary, once again! 

To see all of the entries for this month's challenge, please view this post on Mary's blog - Green Paper. All entries are due posted there by December 8th and you could win an awesome package of vintage book illustrations. Mary Green also teaches wonderful online classes. I learned so much and had so much fun taking her Your Vintage GlueBook class.

Thank you for your challenges, Mary.
They are a wonderful exercise in creativity and you know I'm all for that!


  1. Love the multi-layered effect of this card, Lenna. Using the vellum is so effective. Can you print on any vellum sheets or do you need ones specially for the inkjet?

  2. I have only used "ink jet" vellum made for my printer Frieda. Even then, it still is tricky to get the printer to print on it. I think I used the "transparency setting" to get it to pull through the printer and print properly. When I did not, it kind of just rolled the vellum through & spit it out! I love printing on vellum for my projects though because it adds something different. Thanks!

  3. Dear lenna, it is so beautiful- I also wanted to play along this month, BUT TIME WHERE DO YOU RUN!!!
    Love the vellum on top, it give a bit od mystery, and looks fantastic.

  4. I too really like the layering on this. Great use of the images. I ran out of time to join in this month :o(


  5. This is beautiful, Lenna! I love how you stitched it all together!

  6. Ohhhh, very pretty, Lenna. I like the use of the vellum. Thanks for sharing the how-to. You definitely achieved what you wanted. It will make a lovely postcard. Hugs. bb

  7. LOL - I should have known from the title this was yours. Clever girl! Really like how you experimented with different papers and layering. I enjoyed doing this months challenge - sometimes the images just seem right and it came together licketysplit...J

  8. This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for explaining your process, this is a beautiful way to add depth and interest to a piece.

  9. Hi Annette here, really like what you did with your girl and with the vellum



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