Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I am not doing much for the holidays this year except hanging with my family, but I must say this video Terrie Lightfoot shared on Facebook was oh, so much fun and had me singing along. I hope you enjoy. if you don't see the video below, click here to view.

happy holidays - dance, sing & have fun with the ones you love.
xo lenna


  1. I don't know why, but these flash mob things always bring tears to my eyes - I think it's the sheer exuberance and joy of them.

    Thanks for that, Lenna, I really enjoyed it.


  2. Oh, that is so good to hear, Joanna - I was getting emotional watching it too! That is the first time I had seen a "flashmob" and was glad to know it was such a cool dance thing. Before today I had no idea what one was! yes, the joy and exuberance of dance really lifts the spirit. xo lenna



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