Saturday, December 10, 2011

butterfly garden

A scan of a 4" x 4" collage, made as part of an exchange I am in.

I took a copy of an old french postcard and glued it to a square watercolor card. Then I took a transparency sheet of butterflies I had made, ran them through my xyron adhesive machine and placed them all around the woman in the garden. Something like the time I visited the Butterfly Garden at The Selby Gardens and estate this past June . . . . Ignore the noise of the traffic as I am not that good at editing videos yet, and be amazed at the butterflies! 

I added color with watercolor crayons as well as a silver metallic marker and drips of perfect pearls mist to make it more dreamy. I used a printing kit with rubber stamp alphabet letters to spell out Brenda's theme on the front; a photo of the piece is below.

Happy Saturday to you! 
I am going to meet my Nia teacher at an indie craft fair in downtown Sarasota, florida where I am venturing to by myself more and more these days. It should be fun, one of the women we dance with has a booth there. Then tonight, Steven and I are taking my mom out to dinner for her birthday, Happy Birthday Mom.


  1. The butterflies go wonderfully well with the dreamy and lovely woman, Lenna.
    Have a great time at the fair (sounds oh so tempting) and wish your mum a good birthday from me. It won't be easy for her or for you today!

  2. So beautiful and intriguing ... gorgeous work! I was facinated by your video ... the butterflies are enormous!

  3. Dreamy... that's the word I was trying to think of when I saw this piece. Then you mentioned it in the post. Just lovely!

  4. Love the effect you have created. Have fun at the fair. Sending a very happy birthday to your Mom. I'm happy you can all be together. xxDonna

  5. Belated Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Beautiful artwork - a lovely dreamy interpretation of Brenda's theme.


  6. Hi dear Lenna, thanks for showing the fantastic butterflyes- and I love your beautiful creation.

  7. This is beautiful! I love butterflies. Last year I got to feed some at a miniature butterfly garden at our state fair. We were given Q Tips with some sort of sugary solution on them. They came right up to us and sat on our hands. They are truly gifts from God!

    Happy birthday to your mom, too!



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