Friday, December 16, 2011

4x4 (inch!) collage for Connie

As part of a year long exchange I'm in, I created a 4x4 collage for Connie Senyitko. We do these on a monthly basis and work on the theme chosen by who we are creating for. Connie requested soft shades of white or neutral with a spot of color. She likes: vintage children images, clocks, birds, nests, eggs, french, vintage, laces, numbers, vintage ladies hats or crowns and flowers, fabrics, stitching, vintage sheet music paper, poetry, and black & white vintage images. Well! It was great to have so many 'likes' to choose from and in that small space I managed quite a few....

For the front I used fabric - an old cloth napkin of my Nonie's stitched all around. I added a fabric stamped image of a Robin that my friend Sharon Borsavage made and gave to me - perfect! Next I layered a vintage text page on top of a 4x4 watercolor card before gluing the fabric down. I also added a bit of vintage music paper, some pretty ribbon, a small bit of a map, a small velvet leaf and gold micro beads. click for detail.

For the back of the card I wanted to include Connie's love of poetry. I had recently picked up a small book of poems by Oscar Wilde and chose this one at random, ripping the edges to fit the card. Then I added a tag to identify the piece and I was done! I believe I have only 4 more 4x4's to create -wow! To see more, go to the flickr photo set I created just for these collages. 

I hope you are doing well and not to crazy with the holiday season. My sister and her family are coming to visit for a whole week, but other than that we are not really doing much . . . not even exchanging presents! Sounds Grinch-like, but it really is what works for us this year. Stay well and happy, I will be here adding things as I can! 


  1. Lenna,

    Love this adorable collage you made for Connie...She will love it!!

    Enjoy a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!

    Jingle Bells and Smiles,


  2. Awesome art work Lenna, as always!

    Have a wonderful holliday!
    Hugs, Gunvor

  3. This piece really speaks to me. Beautiful in every way. Your Christmas will be wonderful ... just what you need this year. Take care. xxDonna

  4. Beautiful 4x4, lucky Connie.

    We're definitely not crazy here. Christmas Day will be very low key with only the 4 of us. I've no doubt there'll be some impromptu get togethers with friends (the best kind of get together, no stress with a take us as you find us kinda vibe) and then we'll be catching up with family on New Years Day, so we'll have a lovely relaxing break - perfect :o)


  5. I'm sure Connie will love the collage. And I just adored the poem, was leaning all the way into my computer screen to read it in all its beautiful detail!

  6. I love hearing what you are doing and thank you for your delight in this little piece!

  7. You brightened this Saturday morning with the collage a la The Important of being Earnest guy. Oscar Wilde had so much going that he should have lived longer with better luck. My nieces and nephews peformed his classic as a family reunion project some years ago. I am forwarding your work tp them in Seattle, Portland, and California as a reminder of good times past and present. Red (Wade)

  8. Thanks for featuring the poetry of The Importance of being Earnest guy. High quality. Humor, satire, and depth as in this selection. Oscar Wilde died too young with some bad luck toward the end. Wade

  9. Lenna, hope you have a wonderful time with your family this Christmas. I know it will be hard after losing your Dad. Last Sunday was 22 years for me since I lost mine. I still miss him.

    sending you lots of love.

  10. Oh dear Lenna, what a very beautiful collage you gave your friend- I love the soft tones, with the little bit of rosa,- gorgeous,dear.
    Lenna I hope you have had a beautiful christmas, dear....
    mine was a lovely one,with my little family here-they left this morning.....
    Wish you all the best-



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