Saturday, November 26, 2011

a wonderful day in Connecticut

I arrived back in my home state of CT late yesterday afternoon; my sister happily picked me up at the airport. It is funny how someplace that was once so familiar looked very different to me. I have not been here -have not left Florida for 2 years. But we had a wonderful day today. We visited with family and reminisced about my dad. My sons were in town visiting their dad for Thanksgiving and I got to spend many hours with them and their significant others today. You can see below, how it made me smile.

with my oldest son, Decklin. Amazingly, he is 30 years old.

Ian and Dale -my nephews (L), Decklin and my other son Dallas -he's 27!
It was really fun for my sister and I to see our boys together again.

The lovely women that are with my sons: Decklin's legal partner, Tina
and Dallas' wife Liz; newly married!

my sister Kathy and her husband Dan 
It was quite the crowd and a lovely day!

The weather even cooperated. It was very mild for the Northern state of CT at this time of year, which suited me just fine considering I am more used to 70-degrees. It's good to be here . . . although someone named Steven called me on the phone tonight and said the house was just not the same without me and even Asia was acting a little down. I guess they miss me! I have another full day to spend with my sister and her family and will head back to Florida on Monday. The good news is Kathy, Dan and their boys will be coming down to stay with my mom for a week around Christmas. My boys & their significant others hope to come to FL and stay with Steven and I for a few days in February. My fingers are crossed! I hope you were able to enjoy time recently with your family, thanks for the opportunity to share mine with you! yours creatively, lenna

kathy's favorite photo I took on our walk this afternoon


  1. how beautiful Lenna, what a lovely day by the looks of it! your lovely boys and family, sounds like a great weekend there.
    My youngest daughter, Allura and I just saw 'Midnight in Paris' - Woody Allens new film. It was beautiful, a wonderful embrace of Paris, and the feeling of the '20s, go and see it if you havent yet! Really evoked a feeling of the time and place, sumptuous costumes and setting. We stepped out into a sunny, green and golden afternoon and went for a hot chocolate. Its been a difficult week, and thats the most relaxed we've been, so that was nice.

    But I have to tell you I dived in and sewed a mockup book, or several signatures last night, and it worked! Dont feel so nervous now, I feel like my book will be ok after all. What a relief. Just 2 little signatures but it isnt as hard as I thought. Yay!

    enjoy the rest of yours there,


  2. Oh such a lovely post, Lenna. Happy you have had the opportunity to spend some time with family. Beautiful photographs. Safe trip home to others to love you. Agree about the photograph of the berries. What kind are they? I would guess bush cranberries, but only if I was in Canada. Not sure what they would be if I was in CT. xxDonna

  3. PS Thanks for the code Lenna
    just signed up for the Limited edition book as well, oh boy! I chose 'The last word ever spoken' - it 'spoke to me' somehow, that one. I love the idea of sharing in the making of the book, how exciting!

  4. Thank you Rosie! I am so glad to know that seeing me take my sketchbook apart and rebind it, helped you. And to hear you also signed up for the limited edition one, so great! Woody Allen has been a favorite of mine since I was 20 years old, a long time. Thanks for the recommendation, well taken. : )

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Donna . . . I would venture a guess that the berries perhaps were on a crab apple tree? It looked as it did in the photograph because it was one of the many that was pushed over in the terrible storm that knocked out power for 8 days a month ago in CT. We saw still so many piles of tree limbs and trees with branches snapped off. It was much worse, they tell me. I am glad it is over but they are still cleaning up!

  6. Your family is beautiful!! So glad you got to spend time with your boys!!!

  7. Such beautiful family photographs, Lenna, no wonder you're smiling in every one of them!

  8. Happy happy photos, Lenna :o) I bet Steven and the girls ARE missing you!

    Safe journey home, with family gatherings to look forward to.


  9. Hi dear Lenna,
    So wonderful for you to see your family, after being away for 2 years,- I can immagine things were a bit different, there in the surroundings.
    Thankyou for showing photoes of all your dears -I`m glad for you your tour is a happy one.

  10. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of you with your lovely family, Lenna.

  11. Hi Lenna - back from a short trip to Canada and catching up on postings - what a great trip for you! And wonderful family photos to - nice to know those back home miss you :)... J

  12. asesWhat a lovely family you have, Lenna, the pictures are really charming, everyone is taking joy in each others company :)

    You have inspired me so, I even started a journal today, well, I started making backgrounds but am looking forward to making it my own.

    I hope you will like what you see, I'll be making a post soon.



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