Wednesday, November 23, 2011

shells of love

I made this for my son Dallas and his new wife Liz. They married on October 1, the same day my dad died. Bittersweet day for me as I was with my mom and dad where I wanted and needed to be, but not with my son as the wedding was in Massachusetts. I will bring this wedding present to them this weekend when I return to the North-lands (not Florida) for a family visit -my first time away from Florida in 2 years! 

Steven made the wooden heart shaped base for me at Lucas Boatworks where he has been doing tons of beautiful work, a lot of it with my dad's stash of wood, dad's tools and the skills dad taught him. How cool is that?? Dad is still here with us in a way. The shells that adorn the wood are very special (I think). Last January, Dallas and Liz had a break from their jobs in Italy and made time to visit Steven and I for 4 days or so while they were back in the States. They borrowed my car (and my camera) one day and went to the beach, 2 different beaches I think! 

They jumped for joy because they were in love and they were getting married this October.

They gathered shells . . .

They brought the shells back to our home, saved in a clear plastic bag. When Steven and I got home from bringing them to the airport at the end of their visit, I marveled at the changed sheets in the guest bedroom. Then I found the bag of shells on the bureau. Dallas and Liz obviously decided not to bring them with them as they were heading all the way back to Italy to finish the school year. Ah ha! (my little brain thought). I will save these shells they collected and make something for them someday. And so I did. This is just the type of creating I love to do. 

Dallas Chandler Foster and Elizabeth Kee Porter Hood
October 1, 2011

with love, lenna


  1. Thanks for sharing that, Lenna. So very special .. a real heartfelt treasure for them to cherish. Enjoy the journey to see them. Aren't the photographs they took FUN! Great memories. xxDonna

  2. What a sweet gift full of memories of happy days. It will be treasured by the happy couple. The jumping for joy photos are such fun.

    Safe journey,


  3. They are going to LOVE this one, Lenna. What a very special and thoughtful gift!

  4. What a beautiful gift. Filled with memories and Love.

  5. Dear Lenna, I`m so sad for you, you could not be in your son`s wedding,-but yes-you had to stay with your dad.
    So bringing them this heart of happiness, now, will be so very special, as it will also bring happy memories from the visit with you Steven and your dad.
    I wish you a very joyful travel and happy experiences with your family.

  6. What a beautiful token of their love, dear friend.

    The jumping pix are especially wonderful....yay!

    Best wishes,



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