Friday, November 18, 2011

a peaceful place

to take photos

watch the waves

take a Nia movement class on the beach

I took my Sketchbook project with me and it collected a little sand : ^ )

* My favorite photo of the day *

I hope you had an enjoyable day too and did something creative! sending love, lenna


  1. Hello my dear Lenna,
    what a beautiful place to relax and take wonderful photoes.
    Your journal pages looks stunning, I love all the glitter and stamping, and your wonderful jewel colours.
    I`m sorry I`m not visiting as often as usual, but I`m so bussy with christmas creating for the shop, and the shows here.You know I will return to normal practice after christmas :)
    Stay well,
    Hugs and kisses-Dorthe

  2. It really looks like you had a wonderful time and let the beach inspire you xx

  3. A great self-portrait on the sand of you and your legs! No doubt an inspirational day for arting in your sketchbook. And yes, I had a lovely peaceful day too, although it was frantic with making books but in a good way.

  4. Can't wait to see what you'll do with those beautifully colored pages. The grains of sand remind me of the glitter you use. Do you think it's possible to apply them somehow on paper?

  5. Yes, Elli. You can apply sand like glitter, I have done that... in fact you gave me a spark for an idea, thank you!

  6. Lenna, I always love your ocean photos…thanks so much for sharing your paradise!!



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