Tuesday, November 15, 2011

painting and preparing

Sketchbook Project 2012: I decided to paint the pages of my sketchbook . . . and paint them I did!

There are 4 sections that fold out now, since I transformed the pages by taking them out of the moleskine journal and taping them together. See here if you missed.

Too boring, don't you think?

That's better!

That looks even better!

I tried to do a different color for each section and used pigment powders liberally!

Ahhhh . . . I felt like i was diving into COLOR! 

*There are more photos if you are so inclined and you can find them on my flicker account.*

I do not have a plan on what comes next per say . . .  I do know I want to write a little something about what I am doing, and what I have done with the pages. I think I am going to type something up and insert it in the inner front cover. I may do some paper collage, or stamping, or both! I just felt I had to paint the pages before I did anything else! Kind of like making myself dive in, just to get started. Do you know what I mean? My husband is really a great artist, but he is totally different than me. He likes to plan, draw and sketch, pretty much figure things out before starting. We did some collaborations together and he tells me he learned a lot from me because I work very differently. I do think a lot about what I might do, but not so much as in planning -- more exploring for ideas and then when I start working, that is when the "ah-ha" moments come: Oh, I could do this! What about that?! I'll try this, and so on. It's fun and I have gotten used to it. How do you work?? Share in a comment or email if you like, please! 

yours creatively, lenna


  1. You are well on your way now, Lenna. Good for you for diving in. I think I work more like you. Certainly I work on an intuitive level .. never know what I'm going to do next .. allow myself to be 'led'. Going where my must takes me. Look forward to your next steps. xxDonna

  2. Wonderful colours, and I love (and envy) your style of working.

    I am much more cautious. However, my artwork is quite organic as I don't plan much in advance, just start with an image or background that interests me and take it a step at a time deciding at each point where I want to go next. Problem with this is that sometimes I wish I'd done something a few stages back, but ho hum, that's the way it goes.

    A rummage in my bits and pieces boxes (scraps and ephemera) often helps with inspiration.


  3. Hi Lenna,
    you have a great background to work with - looking forward to seeing what you come up with - I'm quite sure it'll be divine :)
    ((hugs)) Leigh

  4. A rummage in my bits & pieces box is often what I do, Joanna! So glad to hear your thoughts and Donna's too about all this, thanks!

  5. hee hee, dave -- you made me laugh!! Not yet at least!!

  6. It's fun watching your sketchbook evolve. I'm fairly spontaneous and really enjoy letting things invent themselves. Sometimes I paint myself into a corner that way, but most often it turns out all right. Surprise!

  7. Great to see those lovely colours flowing over your pages. Like you I tend to dive in and get going any which way I fancy. Usually it works out well but occasionally I definitely wish I would be more like Steven and pre-plan just that little bit more!

  8. beautiful beautiful pages Lenna! inspired to use my sketchbook for the project more lushly now... after seeing your attack on the book, its go I reckon. no quiet stuff, think i'll get right into it!

    It looks like you used the original paper, is it holding up ok?

    enjoy the rest of it!

    Rosie -
    Canberra Australia.

  9. Hi Rosie, I cannot locate your email so I will try answering you here.
    yes! I am using the original paper provided. I took the pages out and taped 2 together and then returned it; the same as they sent. This year the paper is different; thicker. Last year it was rather thin. I believe Art House Co-op listened to participants and now the sketchbooks contain 100% recycled paper: 5.25 W x 7.25 H, 32 pages, 70lb text stock. I painted all my pages this time but they are holding up very well, even with the addition of shells!
    : ) lenna

  10. hi Lenna

    i'm at rkfleming08@gmail.com, just signed up for yr blog yesterday.

    thanks for your response - i've been really inspired by the pictures of your sketchbook process, the close ones of you rebuilding the book, especially - so interesting with the stitching, and the beautiful color and texture of your pages.

    have a good rest of the week



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