Wednesday, November 16, 2011

intro and first page: sketchbook project 2012

okay, more diving in. I typed up what I wanted to say and used my xyron to adhere the paper to the painted pages of my sketchbook/journal. Click to enlarge & read.

The text typed on the second page: 
How? When I go to create it is usually because of a deadline I have given myself or that someone has given me. I may have a loose idea or a starting point, but no set plan. I like to start and see what connections I make as I am creating. I’ll evaluate as I go and see what the piece needs. For me, the most important tool for my creating is simply to START. 

Why create? This is a funny question I think because there are so many reasons, but since the theme I have given myself is encyclopedia of how and why, here are a few that resonate with me – To feel good * to exercise your brain * to build self confidence * express yourself * add beauty to the world * to fine tune your creative side * to share * to let go * to learn * to find like minded friends *
I hope you enjoy my 2012 sketchbook project!

Practicing my rubber stamping!
It is always a good idea to practice first - gets you and the stamp
warmed up! This is a quote of my own design, from my own
company LennaLines (2000-2003).

The shiny particles are pigment powders, 
sprinkled on when the paint was wet.
Repeated rubber stamping with StazOn Ink.

Photo of NGC 7822 in Cepheus from NASA: Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Thank you, Donna did it! (click for a better view)

Separating a paper napkin:
3 layers, take the top one!

Testing the napkin out for size.

Done for now . . . there is another side to work on and 3 more sections. 

It feels good to do this. Steven was teasing me about "diving right in" -whoosh! I must say that after my father passed away (10/1) I just did not feel like working on any mixed media art. It was not that I did not have inspiration, I just did not feel like doing it. Taking photos was okay and much to Steven's delight I started taking over more of the cooking and doing creative things with that. But recently I started thinking about the Sketchbook project I had signed up for and I started wanting to do it. Then I truthfully made myself start. It is a pretty familiar pattern with me and we'll see where it takes me . . . . I appreciate you stopping by - please say hi, comments & questions welcome.  yours creatively, lenna


  1. Oh Lenna, you are just rolling right along. Love what's happening and I see you are making use of photographs from the NASA sight. Aren't they incredible? I love the 'vine stamp' you use - I've seen it in your work before. Very effective. Thanks so much for visiting me so often. :o) it makes my day. xoDonna

  2. This is looking so good. I like the vines, too. And the tabs... what a very good idea that was for handling the book.

  3. You're definitely diving straight in with your sketchbook, Lenna, and making such good progress too. I'm the happy owner of several of your stamp sheets and enjoy using them a lot!



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