Friday, October 21, 2011

working on it?

I have switched my online blog back to one of the earlier templates . . . because even though I really like the new dynamic views templates, the problems readers had with commenting and the fact that older browsers were not able to view the new set up, plus no sidebar gadgets were available . . . .well, that made me switch back to the previous template version I had where unfortunately you need to scroll and scroll to read the posts. I would love to return to the dynamic view when it is a little more seasoned. Some benefits of switching are that I created pages for my creative lenna blog, something I had been wanting to do. The About page is newly reworked and there are other new pages too, just look at the top of the blog. Plus, I discovered you can still view the creative lenna blog in dynamic views by adding /view onto the blog's URL. Try this: to view the creative lenna blog in my most favorite way! I love how you can chose and discover so many posts at one glance.

Edit: I have now added the link to dynamic views as one of the pages. Find flipcard at the top of the blog as a tab and click on that when you'd like to explore and discover more of what's here. It is an amazing way to choose what I have shared to look at. I may have come upon the best of both worlds -combining this current style template as the base for my blog with the ability to view the blog in more dynamic ways. Anyway, thanks for coming along with me on this discovery and we will make our way!

yours creatively, lenna


  1. That's a shame, Lenna, After an initial hesitation I was totally hooked on your new look blog. Hopefully Blogger will iron out the creases soon, add the extra bits and bobs and then you can resume with the dynamic view. Well done you for trying out the new style, which certainly made me rethink my own blog.

    The flipcard view is the one I like the best. I loved how previous pages were not 'lost' forever (after all, who scrolls down page after page?), and it was quick and easy to find them. I looked at how mine would look (putting /view at the end of my URL), and discovered a previously favourite photo of Susie Cat I'd long since forgotten about.

    Hopefully you'll be able to get back to the dynamic view soon - it really suited your style of artwork too.

    Have a lovely weekend,


  2. Beautiful little handful of collectables, obviously from a beach walk. As you say, this particular template did not seem to be fully developed, and really, shame on blogger for putting it out there with 'bugs' still in it. I'm sure they will iron them out and you can try it again. xxDonna

  3. Hi Lenna, I like this way better. Plus I couldn't comment before. I love the One Step page you did in your last post! It's beautiful!

  4. Lenna: I am so pleased to see you returning to the more familiar format. I was finding the new format very challenging, and not just because of the difficulty in commenting. It seemed busy and confusing, and almost required learning a new "blogspeak". I know it is creatively interesting for artists to play with their blog decor/design, but personally I want a blog to be simple and clean so that the blogger's artwork and thoughts are central. Constantly changing banners or side bars, and an overall highly colored background based around the artist's work can present an almost chaotic initial picture. I prefer simpler blogs showcasing the artist's "real" work, not blogs that have become that work.

  5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...THANK YOU MUCH for swtiching back! i missed you. :)

  6. I really appreciate all of your comments and would love to hear more!
    Thank you, lenna

  7. I'm sorry Blogger is giving you such trouble, Lenna, but in a way I'm glad you tried out this new way of viewing the blog. It convinced me this was not something I should do myself what with my dial-up connection. The mail notification (which is how I usually view your blogposts) remained unchanged throughout it all and thus my comments also seemed to make it through safely. Hopefully Blogger will take on board all the comments and sort out those teething problems.

  8. I can see why the jingle shell is one of your favorites!!! How beautiful.

    Wishing I lived near a coast so I can find hidden treasures in the sand.



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