Thursday, October 13, 2011

pale pink and butter yellow

Pale pink and butter yellow was the color combo for the month of August with Colour Groupies, a small group of friends who create ATCs (artist trading cards) for each other on a colour combo theme every month. I believe this is the 4th year of exchanging for us. When all the ATCs have been received throughout the US, Canada & Scotland, then we can reveal them. These particular ATCs were fabric ones. Click on any photo for more detail to see how I created them.

I hope you enjoy, they were fun to make. 


  1. These are lovely, I really like the stitching. Great choice of colour combo!


  2. Thank you Joanna, and for your email too. I am testing out making a comment. Joanna wrote me and said that she had this experience, "When I go to comment on your blog, I click on comment and a little comment box appears, still on your post page. I write my comment and click on post comment, but then your usual blog comment page pops up and I have to write it all again. This has happened on your last 3 ATC posts!"

    If anyone else has this experience please let me know. There is a feedback page for this new style and I am going to let them know . . . especially since the same thing happened to me! I was re-directed to the old comment page and the box was blank. But when I went "back" to the previous page the comment box was filled in in the new style.

    Joanna also said she loved the look of my new blog and was having fun discovering pages. That is so nice. xo lenna

  3. A beautiful colour mix, and of course I love the tactile quality of these fabric ATCs!

  4. And by the way, just reading your comment feedback, I usually comment directly from the Yahoo message and that seems to be trouble free.

  5. Yes this comment thing happens to me also, Lenna...
    I love your atc`s and the way you made them. they are beautiful.
    Hope you are ok?



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