Thursday, October 13, 2011

melon and mauve

I created 3 months of ATCs for Colour Groupies right before my father passed away. I truly believe I knew his death was imminent and wanted to finish my commitment for August, September and October so I would not feel pressured to create when my family needed me. Of course, my colour groupies friends would have understood, but this was how I felt at the time, and now I am glad the ATCs are done. This post concentrates on the October combo of melon and mauve. Please see the previous 2 posts for the September and August ATCs.

I really used Crayola Crayons. A lot of fun! 

I also used Crafter's Workshop Stencils from Artistcellar.

And a circle template

I added a bit of wet watercolor . . . 

Some images and stamping . . . .

some writing . . . . 

A scan of the finished ATCs.
The images are from ARTchix Studio.

Thank you for visiting. 


  1. I really like the look you have achieved with the crayons and these colours. Lots of texture and a little innocent or childlike. Nice, Lenna. xxDonna

  2. Very creative - you make it look so simple, Lenna! I like the ATC stamp on the front for a change.


  3. Thank you both. Even though I was stressed at the time, it was a great release to play with crayons and make these.

  4. Loved to see the step by step pictures of how these ATCs came to be. So effective! And needless to say I love all mine in their various colourways. It was such fun adding them all to my album!

  5. I think my comment got lost, so I'm reposting. Can you give me a hint on how to enable the flipcard view? Please. I feel like a Grandpa at a Grandpa box.

  6. Lenna! I found the flipcard option, but decided on Magazine. If you get a chance would you look at my blog? I know it's a no-no to go begging, but I'd like your opinion - please.

  7. Yes, it seems there is a glitch at the moment with commenting. If it looks blank, try going back using the back arrow and when I have done that, there was my comment, waiting to be posted. I did send Blogger feedback about this glitch so I appreciate you letting me know.

    I am going to go check your blog out right now, Dave and that's not a problem at all! I can tell you already that the Magazine version of Dynamic Views is my second favorite. I will add that to my creative swaps blog when the ability to have gadgets is there. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Such great ideas you have, love how they turned out, dear Lenna.
    Hugs from me.



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