Saturday, October 22, 2011

beautiful and soothing beach day

You might have caught a couple of glimpses of my visit to the beach yesterday in my previous post or by visiting my blipfoto journal, but I want to share a few more photos. The 9:00 am light was so delicious for taking pictures and the Longboat Key beach I went to was a particularly lovely one with lots of shells.

jingle shells are one of my favorites . . . . 
I love the way the morning light reflected off of this one below.

visitors that day

Some of my treasures . . . you may see these again, in my art.
click on any photo for a close-up view.

a close up view - click for even more detail.

There was a reason I went to this particular beach that I never had been to before. My Nia movement teacher, Kathy Oravec (below) was teaching a Nia class on the beach that day!

A lovely spot to dance and stretch.

I had never done Nia on the beach before and found it to be a wonderful experience; very energizing, yet peaceful. Definitely a mind-body fitness program. After class, I took a photo of Kathy and I.

I will be returning for another class!

and maybe a few more shells, or at least photographs . . . 
I am so grateful for all of this. 

yours creatively, lenna


  1. A wonderful day, full of food for your spirit. I do miss the sea sometimes and dragging home all the little bits and pieces to love and adore. Beautiful photographs Lenna. Nothing like the sea to bring you peace. Just seems to take troubles and absorb them. xxooDonna

  2. Hi Lenna,
    I have never heard of NIA so I had to find out what it is all about.
    I have various painful ailments and thought these movements may be something good for me.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the ocean and the shell treasures and also for turning me on to NIA!!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  3. Hey, first of all clever you making the flipcard dynamic view one of your pages - that's how I have chosen to look at your blog. The comments on your previous post show how different we all are, and how some like the different style and others REALLY don't!

    Now to today's post - that is one BEAUTIFUL beach, with beautiful shells and SPACE. I can only imagine how liberating and calming it must be to take part in a Nia class on the beach.

    Really beautiful photos, Lenna.


  4. I noticed right off that you abandoned the Dynamic view. I did as well, but perhaps we did it for different reasons. I went back because the stats were being skewed all out of whack with both the snapshot and magazine views. Also, I want viewers to see my profile, labels and blog roll, and none of that was available with the dynamic views. Google would like you to use adsense, but I don't see any way that can be done with the dynamic views.

    So, why did you do return to standard if you don't mind my asking.

  5. Susan,
    I am so glad you went to the Nia website to learn more. I only discovered Nia 6 months ago. I really love it and think very highly of the program and their exercise philosophy. As a former Jazzercise fitness instructor and a modern dancer for most of my life, I feel I can be a good judge of a fitness program. What I like best about Nia is that it is a mind-body fitness program that combines many different types of movements. You are encouraged to listen to your body and heal through movement. Some fitness activities can be hard on the knees especially and I found Nia to heal, not to hurt. Plus it is fun, good for the mind and the body and you do get a workout! I encourage you to look at the Find a class section of the Nia site if you have not already. : ^ )

  6. dave,
    One of the reasons I returned to a non-dynamic view template was because the sidebar with the gadgets was not incorporated yet, just like you. But also, my readers were also having trouble commenting. When they would publish or preview another page in the old style would open up and the comment box would be blank! I asked Blogger several times and it stayed the same. Then I learned that some readers with older browsers were not able to see the blog at all. I decided I should wait until the kinks are better worked out to make the Dynamic Views the default. You can still view any blogger blog with dynamic views by adding /view onto the end of the URL, so I have made one of my page tabs at the top of the blog a link to that view. This way, I get to keep things running smoothly with comments, have my sidebar, and allow everyone to see my blog, BUT let those who want to look at my blog easily and discover many posts, choose that “Flipcard” link at the top to do so. About the stats – I don’t think they were really skewed. I think when any blog is in a Dynamic view such as Flipcard or magazine, there are so many more pages/posts to look at that viewers look at A LOT more pages and the number of page views go up accordingly!
    Thanks for your comment . . . I was wondering what you were going to do. I loved your blog in the magazine format. Perhaps I will simply add /view to your blog URL when I visit!!
    : ^ ) lenna

  7. We both seem to have spend our days at the beach and enjoyed it! Although my beach wasn't anywhere as sunny and tempting looking as yours nor did I dance! It did make me feel happy though even without that addition. And it looks like it did the same for you!

  8. Hi Lenna,
    you had a great and funny time near the ocean , I can see you enjoyed it very much,dear.
    The photoes are very beautiful,-and I`m glad you post here, as I have still difficulties commenting on your other blog.

  9. I'm envious--I want to be on that beach! Right now it's really rather cold here, in the 40s and dropping.

    I wish you peace.

  10. Your site is great--love all of your pictures. I miss the beach and the cool, salty air. Seems like I don't get there near enough. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.
    I am relatively new to blogging but would love you to pop over to my site. You can even become a follower--if you want to :)
    Hope to talk with you again.



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