Thursday, September 1, 2011

time to tweak

I came to the conclusion the other day that I did not want to or could not, for any extended period of time, do one specific thing everyday as a challenge for myself. I started off last December by giving myself a daily challenge of taking a photo and uploading it to Blipfoto. This was a great, creative challenge for me. For 200 days in a row, I took at least one photo per day and uploaded it to my account on blipfoto -December 19 to June 25. I did this fairly happily without any breaks. Since June 25, I have continued to take photos almost daily and upload them to blipfoto, with the difference being that I've given myself permission to not "have to" upload every day. It is a different experience for sure, but better for me (less pressure). I still enjoy it very much, continue to be active there and have now reached 252 days of uploads.

On May 1st, I discovered and committed to Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day. For a while there I was working in both my art journal and taking and uploading a photo, every day. whew! I have just finished four months of doing something in an art journal almost daily -or at least trying to. I really loved doing this and produced so much art. It really threw me into working in an art journal, something new for me, as well as doing something artistic and creative that was just for me. Since I am often doing art for other reasons -swaps, teaching samples, submissions . . . art for ME was an an unusual and wonderful experience!

September 1st rolled around today and I realized I was not ready to commit to working in my art journal every dayI remembered I had saved a link to a website where the challenge was to be creative everyday - making a piece of art (any kind), cooking, dancing, singing, knitting, taking photos -whatever, anything creative! I found the site: creative every day and it definitely appealed to me. Low pressure and I did not need to post about it everyday unless I wanted to. So! I have committed myself to this. I feel good that I have committed to a challenge that will encompass all the things I like to do and not leave me feeling over committed or too frazzled. I may keep a journal about what I'm doing or I may just keep a pact with myself. Does that make sense? To celebrate, a photo I took of Asia today, in the back yard, just for fun. I also made a delicious butternut squash soup for dinner!


  1. Ah! Look at those beautiful eyes. They would melt a rock. I'm so glad you 'know' what you need to do and have done it. We all need to tweak on a regular basis to make sure our needs are being met in whatever way possible. This causes is to be happy which in turn causes people around us to be happy. That wonderful ripple effect! You are such a wise woman, Lenna. xxDonna

  2. Good for you, this Being Creative Every Day is a brilliant idea - I would imagine you do that without thinking anyway. Challenges are great, very inspirational and they can get the creative juices flowing BUT, and it's a big BUT, it's still got to be enjoyable and not a chore. You've produced such beautiful Art Journal pages and photographs with your two recent commitments, and you will continue to do so, no doubt, when inspired.

    Gorgeous photograph of Asia and I'd have liked some of that soup!


  3. Lenna,

    I'm impressed you've stuck with the photo every day for so long. I have good intentions, but somehow I let life get in the way.

    Nice blog,


  4. Sounds as if the "daily double" of posting photos and journal efforts has served its purpose and you are ready for... whatever comes next! I've enjoyed the art journal posts as instructionals, but "To everything as season". So your creativity goes in a new direction... a positive thing that will bear good fruit I'm sure. Asia's adoring eyes... love the photo.

  5. Good for you, Lenna. Sometimes the pressure to do something every day (or every week, month, year) is preventing us from being free in our creativity and instead of a delight it becomes an obligation. In the end there is only one aim to life and that is to ENJOY it!!



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