Monday, September 5, 2011

mail art extravaganza

I have worked with, or perhaps I should say played with - 2 different mail art groups over the past few months, lucky me! I have already shared some of the art that's been produced and received, but it was hard for me to find the time to upload everything I was involved in while I was doing it, especially when hosting the little book swap with 60 participants. Recently, I re-discovered my mail art photo folder and thought these items were too lovely and fun to not upload. So, sit back and enjoy!

This summer I played with Julie Oman, Leslie Sowden and Beth Bynum and the theme we worked on together was, "You Bug me" with some hand drawing of bugs requested!

click on each photo for details
Beth Bynum

Beth Bynum

Leslie Sowden

Leslie Sowden

Julie Oman

Julie Oman

Julie Oman

Mine were all a variation of the one you see below for Leslie . . . a very small amount of drawing, mostly rubber stamping and illustrations and text from an old garden encyclopedia. Eveyone enclosed goodies and it was so fun to be part of their group, even for short time. I could only commit to one round. Thank you, girls!

Sue Emmerson from Australia organized a mail art group after I hosted a mail art swap that she was in, and then invited me to join -what fun! You may have seen some of the posts I wrote earlier this year about the group. A very talented bunch. Our most recent round was on a Vintage theme and I received these delights in my mailbox!

Joanna Urbani

Laura Hummel

Linda Freeman 

Sue Emmerson

Such beautiful mail from everyone! My contribution used old photos -some of me, some of my family and some unknown, rubber stamping, old text and lace. Mostly because I used the lace, I sent each one in a clear envelope, adding the mailing label and postage stamp to the outside.

That is Steven's mom and dad on their wedding day

each envelope had a vintage (1979) photo of me - top left corner!

I added a variety of postage stamps

and off they sailed! 

This was my last round with this group. They are continuing on, but I needed to lighten my responsibilities and drop one of my personal exchanges. I do still have a lot going on but I think I can manage better now! It was so enjoyable to work with these women and we are in still in touch through email, my creative swaps and more. You will see me continuing to create mail art in the future, as it is one of my favorite ways to send a piece of mail.

Thanks for visiting! 


  1. WOW, you're bowing out with a bang! Fantastic Mail Art, both sent and received. I love all the varying styles and subject matter, they're so interesting to look at.

    I've SO enjoyed receiving your gorgeous Mail Art, Lenna. Thank you.


  2. Each piece so vital and so interesting and so delicious. It is such a fun way to communicate and opening your mailbox is never the same after you experience sending and receiving mail art. I'm in love. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pieces. xxDonna

  3. What a wonderful collection, love to see the variety of styles and of course your art is gorgeous as I know from experience. Many wonderful envelopes are in my collection!

  4. Some great mail art there! I see you used some Owney stamps. There's quite a story behind that dog.

  5. Well they are all great Lenna (if I do say so myself, LOL). Hoping you can join us again in the future...Jewels



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