Friday, September 2, 2011

creative every day

I am not going to post what I do creatively every single day . . . but I thought it would be a great idea to do this some of the time. At least good for me, and especially as I embark upon this new (old?) journey. Today, I'm electing to share my creative every day activity with you and hope that you'll enjoy it too. I took many photographs while on a walk with my two dogs this morning and then played with the photos, using layers and filters in Photoshop elements. A leaf floating on water . . . in more than one version!

click for a larger version

I used this one for my blipfoto . . .

This was the original! 

More photos from our walk can be viewed here. Thanks for your notes of support!
; ^ ) lenna


  1. I'm so glad when you share. You never bore us you know!! Love the photographs and what you can do with them. Amazing isn't it. I now have elements installed, however, haven't had time to play with it. When? Not sure, however I know it will be fun and also frustrating. Always look forward to hearing about what you are up to in your creative/art life. xxDonna

  2. Such a simple image, but shown in different ways it takes on a new life - in some the leaf looks like gold!

    Got any of that butternut squash soup left.....?!


  3. A wonderful collection of different takes on the same image and I think I like your blip one best!

  4. Hi Lenna,
    wish I had Photoshop :)
    such fantastic things you did, with the little leaf floting on the water. Number two is my favorite, Just look at that gorgeous texture under water-
    Hugs from me.

  5. That is very cool indeed! I really like the one you picked for your Blip!

  6. love seeing how you tweaked and changed to photo. It can be so fun but sometimes frustrating. I just recently tried adobe's Living Room for 30 days and liked it a lot. Much easier to use. You might enjoy it.



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