Wednesday, September 14, 2011

art journal

I have not been working in my art journal on a daily basis because I decided at the end of August that striving to be creative every day in whatever way I could, might work better for me instead of doing one thing. See this post for more on this. Since then, I have done a number of different things daily -at least some little creative thing, but I did miss my art journal. So, this is what happened over the past few days. It allowed me to create, which I needed to do and it allowed me to journal my thoughts and share them with you, which was important to me. Click to enlarge.

I sprayed Adirondack washes on in butterscotch, lettuce + denim, then I sprayed with plain water. This journal is filled with watercolor paper so it accepts all this wet media readily. 

I love the patterns that were made by the spraying + diluting with water.

Then I sat down and wrote. That was what I wanted to do and it felt good.

Within my journaling I wanted to include the not good news, the bad news about my dad's health -his cancer. We received it this past weekend when he went to the hospital.

 I have been wearing this necklace made by my friend Sharon Borsavage almost constantly lately. It is a welcome reminder to me of how to help myself through this time.
Thank you to all my friends for their support and love.


  1. BEAUTIFUL background, I'm loving those colours! With a background like that, a double page spread of writing is perfect.

    The necklace you bought from Sharon is gorgeous, the wording is lovely.

    Sending my heartfelt love to you and your family, Lenna.


  2. Sending love and light. Your necklace is your medicine woman. Journal, beautiful. xxDonna

  3. Dear Lenna, I`m so sorry for you, about your dad, not being well.
    I hope it is nothing seriously!
    The necklace from Sharon is fantastic- as you know, I ,too, love her jewlery, and have bought a few pieces ,that I love wearing.
    And your journal, Lenna, --I love the colours, and how you wrote ,like a kind of diary on thise spreads.
    Sending you hugs.

  4. Those Adirondack color washes are beautiful... even the names. The journal page looks good. And you had lots to journal about. Will certainly offer a prayer for your Dad and your family.

  5. Love the way that background works, Lenna. The colours all blending into each other and the fact that the final look is always a surprise. I'm thinking of you a lot and can really understand so well why the necklace means so much to you. It's beautiful!

  6. Your journaling and all of the mail art is absolutely wonderful. So lovely and inspiring. Sorry to hear about your dad's cancer. Sending blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  7. Hi Lenna, Lisa again :-) I love your sprayed pages. They turned out so textural and interesting. May I share this post (or at least borrow a picture to post) on my artistcellar facebook page? I want to do a weeks worth of colorwash sprays. People want to know all the things to do and this is a perfect example of straight spraying. Let me know, thanks!

  8. Hi, Lenna, Sometimes I just like to spray pages or paint them, and just write over them. No collage. I've always been a diarist and still keep a separate, non-art journal. So I like your pages here. Sometimes you just need to get things out.
    blessings to you and your family,



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