Saturday, September 24, 2011

Green Paper Vintage Gluebook Page Swap

I registered for Mary Green's Vintage Gluebook page Swap last month, even though I was not positive I could do it ...this swap sounded so good, I just could not resist signing up. So, I was very happy to be able to complete my work for the swap and send it off to Mary today. I made six 5" x 7" pages to swap and an extra gluebook page for Mary, for her own book. To create these, I used what Mary had taught me in her wonderful online class, Your Vintage GlueBook and added my own style to them, to make my swap pages.

Above, the woman in the purple hat is from Alpha Stamps and printed on fabric. 
Each page has a strip of a dictionary over-print (tan with colorful birds, feathers) that I received as part of Mary Green's Collage Club - and I printed this collage sheet from Mary on vellum paper so you could see through to my background papers. 

Above a transparency I printed myself from an old postcard and postage stamps gifted to me from my friend Joanna Urbani (thank you!).

The image in the center is from ARTchix Studio. This one was Steven's favorite.

The "Across the Snow" page is again, from Joanna. xoxo
The transparency of the woman and the bird image are from ARTchix Studio.

Each page has a quote -most of them are LennaLines rubber stamps, which I no longer have as a business but still use quite often! 

an old map, ARTchix Studio image, postage stamps, a bit of Distress Ink.

I love this page! It makes me smile.

They all started with a single background page, glued to a piece of sturdy paper.

 Then I added a few items to each page.... Click for detail.

Then, I brought these pages and my travelling art kit  over to my parents house the other day. My mom had some errands she needed to do and while my dad was sleeping, I worked on these pages across the hall in the spare room. This was the best thing I could have done for myself. He did wake up and I was there, but in the meantime, I could work on these and free my mind. I highly recommend doing art as therapy.

The backs are done on the computer, but then printed onto paper I received from Mary Green, in her classes, or from the Collage Club. I used 3 different kinds of paper.

I really enjoyed creating these pages and so look forward to my returns! Besides my six swapped pages, Mary is adding additional vintage papers, and a vintage book cover. Thank you, Mary.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Stack

I was taking photos of my completed mail art postcard swap for my creative swaps blog when I realized here was another "stack" of paper. See Seth Apter's blog for more.

33 participants creating 100 postcards!

A beautiful stack, don't you agree? Thanks to all the participants.

I am going to spend some time with my dad this afternoon so my mom can do a few errands that are a bit of a drive from their home. Hospice is helping my mom out now with my dad, but they can't be there all the time. This is why Steven and I are here. Steven is heading over there right now in fact, to help with the hospital bed. If I am scarce, please know it is because of my family. I just wanted you to know. 
with love, lenna

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paper Stacks: Online Collaboration

I read last week on Seth Apter's blog about his proposal to host an online collaboration; a collection of sorts. Read all about it here: Paper Stacks. Having worked in lots of altered books, art journals, and collaborative journals full of paper and more, I could not resist the challenge to upload a photo (or 2 or 3 or 4) to my blog today. I will notify Seth that I have done this and he will add my link to the list of artists here -go check it out! I love that he calls this post/list: Stackaholics Anonymous!

My photos are sharing only a few of the art journals and altered books around here . . .
I did not want the stack to topple over! Right click on the photo and again if there is a plus sign, for a juicier look.

You are looking at the first book I ever altered, back in 2001 - 10 years ago.

Some of these books are collaborations and some are samples for my altered book classes.

I made more than one stack -I could not resist!

A recent art journal from 2011 in the back, an altered book class sample, a collaborative exchange I am still involved with, a Vintage glue book, a book from a class with Kelly Kilmer . . . .

My most recent art journal, a class sample book, a vintage gluebook and my first altered book.

Hooray for stacks of art! 
Thank you Seth, for coordinating. I am proud to add my stacks ; ^ )  lenna 

Friday, September 16, 2011

art, family, Glackens

I worked in my art journal again yesterday after getting home from picking up my sister at the airport and bringing her to my parent's house. This is not an easy time for any of us with the news of my father's cancer having spread. For me, doing art, creating something, helps to calm and center me. It also allows me to work out my feelings in a different way than talking or crying or whatever! I was drawn to work in my art journal yesterday afternoon and this is what happened.

When I started i did not know what I was going to do . . .

These papers were sitting in a box on my desk, leftover from Mary Green's last challenge. I had printed some of the images she gave us on this tan, weathered stationery. These leftover papers seemed a good place to start. I added a copy of ledger page top right below, also from Mary. Probably key to where I went with this spread was that I already had a copy of one of my Great Uncle's paintings printed out and in my scrap box. Click for details -top left page below.

The watercolor paper this journal  is made with is too white for me for this, so I use a walnut stain Distress Ink pad, direct to the page, to blend everything. This I sprayed water on top to really blend the ink and paper.

I typed out a short bit of info about my Great Uncle, William Glackens on the same tan stationery and glued it on the left side. Then I dripped (instead of sprayed) Adirondack espresso Color Wash on both sides of the spread. I also added another painting by my great uncle and a photo of him and his daughter Lenna taken in 1914 to the right side -click for details.

The painting I added is Hammerstein's Roof Garden, 1901. If you click on that link there is a really interesting Audio Guide, courtesy of the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, where the painting is held. It describes the time (1901) and why the painting was important. My Great Uncle was part of a group of artists who believed in painting realistic scenes, not just pretty pictures.

I believe I chose the photo of William Glackens and his daughter Lenna out of the many I have of him because, for one -I am named after Lenna, and two -it shows their loving father-daughter relationship. I did not set out to show this, but when looking for additional images to include in my spread, this is the one I was drawn to.

To finish the spread, I took my jar of Gold Lumiere paint, dipped my finger in and spread a little gold sheen around on parts of the pages. This spread is actually a little sparse for me, but I like it this way and feel that it is finished. This is the last full spread in this journal. I have one 1/2 page spread, to do in this journal.

I would like to share some additional paintings by my great uncle . . . 

Chez Mouquin, 1905  - Chicago Art Institute
The one above is one of my favorites and I have it as a poster.
My son Dallas has seen this painting in person and came back to tell me he did not even know it was at the Chicago Art Institute, but recognized it from the poster I have!
More on the painting above and below here on Artchive.

The Shoppers, 1907 - The Chrysler Museum, Virginia
The central figure is my great aunt, Edith Dimock Glackens, sister of my grandfather, Stanley K. Dimock -my mother's adoptive father. Edith and William were married in 1904.

Lenna Painting
Lenna Glackens, by William Glackens
Above is my namesake, William Glacken's daughter Lenna. Although, I do know she was named after her mother's mother, Lenna Demont Dimock (my great grandmother) . . .
I still like to think of myself being named after Lenna Glackens. She was an artist and a writer too!

W. J. Glackens, 1935

William Glackens died in 1938. I am honored to have art so revered in my family. Thank you for visiting and sharing my story. Lenna Young Andrews, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

art journal

I have not been working in my art journal on a daily basis because I decided at the end of August that striving to be creative every day in whatever way I could, might work better for me instead of doing one thing. See this post for more on this. Since then, I have done a number of different things daily -at least some little creative thing, but I did miss my art journal. So, this is what happened over the past few days. It allowed me to create, which I needed to do and it allowed me to journal my thoughts and share them with you, which was important to me. Click to enlarge.

I sprayed Adirondack washes on in butterscotch, lettuce + denim, then I sprayed with plain water. This journal is filled with watercolor paper so it accepts all this wet media readily. 

I love the patterns that were made by the spraying + diluting with water.

Then I sat down and wrote. That was what I wanted to do and it felt good.

Within my journaling I wanted to include the not good news, the bad news about my dad's health -his cancer. We received it this past weekend when he went to the hospital.

 I have been wearing this necklace made by my friend Sharon Borsavage almost constantly lately. It is a welcome reminder to me of how to help myself through this time.
Thank you to all my friends for their support and love.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mary Green's September Challenge

my september challenge response!

Each month Mary Green has a challenge on her blog Green Paper. She posts a collage sheet she's created with 3 images that you can download for free, and then create something for the challenge! The rules for the challenge are below. Mary also awards a yummy prize, choosing randomly from all of the entries.

Create any piece of art using at least part of each of the 3 images.
Post your work on your blog, Flickr album or somewhere on the web.
Link to it with the linky below so we can all visit you and see your creation.

This was September's challenge sheet -

I took a copy of the envelope and distressed it with ink, crumpled it and printed it in a smaller size. I usually take the images that Mary provides us and print them out in more than one size, sometimes on different types of paper. Then I'll combine the sizes I made.

I used a smaller size of the envelope with a larger size of the woman and I cut 
out only the words running along the bottom of this ad -

I did my collage on top of the lid to a cigar box that belonged to my dad. He does not smoke cigars anymore, but I know it was his box because Rosedale was his brand. Pretty funny, because my dad's name is Dale! I found the box in the garage while working on organizing my studio and figured the top would kind of be like working on an old book cover, like Mary Green taught us in an online class.

I've ripped the envelope open and Henry's letter has fallen out. Fanny's answer is written across her heart. Click on the photo to open it in a new window and then if you see a plus sign, click on the photo again to see more details. I used Distress inks to age the envelope, letter and the cigar box lid. I also sprayed Perfect Pearls mist in a pearl colour over most of this, but wiped a good portion of it away. I found the feather on the beach when walking the dogs the other day. It was sitting on my table and it really called to me to become Fanny's hat, or should I say, her veil?! 

I like Mary's challenges because they spark the creative part of my brain, challenging me to think, what could I do with that? Plus, there are lovely free images to collect and the fun of seeing what everyone else comes up with! I believe you have until midnight on Thursday, September 8th to enter. Please visit Mary's blog to view all the entries and enter yourself, if you like! I think I missed last month because I could not manage to squeeze it in, so it was really fun for me to create this for the September challenge. 

It is not hard to be a little creative every day! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

altered books

It has been a while since I worked in an altered book . . . maybe not since I was creating sample pages for my lessons in Artful pages - 4 artists 4 ways. That workshop is available now as a self-paced class. When you register you will receive access to the blog where all 12 lessons are available immediately. Let me know if you have any questions!

I have been busy for some time almost every day for a week now, working on an altered book collaboration I am doing with Sharon Borsavage of Livewire Jewelry. If you are not familiar with Sharon's jewelry or mixed media art, I urge you to go get familiar! She is so awesome. We started our collaboration almost 2 years ago and have been working in each other's altered books with out any deadlines. I have just finished a number of pages in my altered book and I'm sending it to Sharon now for her to work on as she likes, finish up and send home to me. I already have Sharon's book here in my possession and will start working on a few pages soon so I can send her book back home to her! They are both beautiful already, each filled with both of our art.

I will share a few pages with you, but suggest you go visit the set of photos I have called Altered Book Collaboration. You will see more of the step-by-step photos there and you can even look at the photos as a slideshow if you prefer. ; ^  )

part of a new page I did this week. I love the quote, click for details!

new page spread in my book, by me
that is my great uncle's painting in the middle on the right. 

my page on the left, sharon's on the right  : ^ ))

I did this today, then reorganized my ink pads! (Direct to paper ink technique)

These photos are of Sharon's Zinnia's. I copied them
and printed them onto the book pages (after removing them!)

sharon's work in my book -beautiful! 

my cover

I was thinking about the difference between working in and art journal and working in an altered book while I was doing this creative work this week. It is not too different for me . . . here, I have old music pages as my base. When I work in my art journal I have plain paper, most recently water color paper which allows a lot of wet paint for me! I did do a little bit of journaling on my sea grape leaves page in my altered book . . .  but I found I was starting to do a lot more writing in my art journal. I miss it a bit, so I may just need to do a page in my art journal soon. My art journal is almost complete (2nd one!) just a couple more spreads. I am so, so glad that giving that up on a daily basis, allowed me the time and inspiration to return to this exchange with Sharon, so it is all working out. Do you work in an art journal as well as an altered book? Any thoughts? Do you enjoy one more than the other?? Leave me a comment if you feel like it, I'd love to hear from you! ; ^ ) lenna