Tuesday, August 2, 2011

seeing * doing * planning

{art journal August 1}
This spread came together easily and I did it all in one day. I even finished it before I wrote about my last spread, that is unusual! I tend to work with something repeatedly for a while and right now that thing seems to be transparency prints of photos. Above in the close up you see a transparency of a spider web from Lucas Boatworks . . . it is not the same one I used in another spread of pages but a similar one that I had printed out.
I started by laying down some text paper that was on my work table; two strips . . . 
and a postage stamp.

While I was printing out transparencies I happened to print out this photo of Steven just because I liked it. The fact that the dictionary page had the word Read in it and Steven is a voracious reader did influence where I went from here . . . 

I took this photo of Steven at Lucas Boatworks the other day . . . the spiderweb was in one of the boats there. It made me think about how creative Steven is designing and building things, even creative in the way he approaches sailing boats and how to rig them. I have a moo card - business card that has different photos on each card and one that I had displayed on my desk shows him with the Melonseed Sailboat my dad built. He was racing dad's boat in the Cortez Florida Small Craft Festival!

The words you see, which I am imagining Steven doing while he's at Lucas Boatworks: seeing, doing, thinking, starting, being . . . are stamps by Julie Balzer of Balzer Designs and art journal every day. She also designed the rubber stamp of a ticket that I used to journal on the right side page. 

I used the pumice stone ink pad (Distress Ink) to color the page.

The whole spread, below . . .
That was really fun to do!
I have more photos of the process in a brand new folder for August: Art Journal every day. I am going to TRY my best to do something creative every day in August. Hopefully I'll spend at least a few minutes in my art journal. Read more about this project and sign up for August anytime, here. (More personal stuff below the logo . . . )

My youngest son, Dallas who is turning 27 this month (can it be true??) is imminently landing in the Tampa airport and we will soon be retrieving him. It will be so wonderful to see him and spend a few days with him. We most likely will not see him again until he gets MARRIED on October 1. We are so, so happy for him and his fiance' Liz!
Dallas & Liz -They have been in Italy for 3 years working
but are home in the states now and living in Boston.
Liz just got a job as a college counselor at a non profit called Bottom Line
and Dallas will be getting a graduate degree at Simmons for Library science!
His proud 'ma' (that's what he calls me!)  : ^ ) lenna


  1. proud creative loved ma indeed! it is so awesome that kids find their own way, successfully! thank you much for sharing your art AND your life! blest be :)

  2. Our youngest got married the end of June, so - Congratulations! And I really like this spread with the sailboat and your 'other half'!

  3. Your art journal is turning into a real treasure, as is usually the way. Such a gorgeous spread. So happy your son is coming home. Be in the moment and enjoy. xxDonna

  4. Have some wonderful time with your son, dear.
    I love the colors in this spread, and the seeing "the life" of your husbond shown here, so gorgeus.

  5. Lenna you art journal will bee fantastic when it's finished, you pages are great.

  6. Your work is stunning. I have just started my 2nd art journal course and from my next journal I will be going it alone!
    Your pages are a true inspiration and I will continue to follow your blog.



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