Sunday, August 21, 2011

pirates and boats

I'm dressed as a 'wench' and enjoying the Lucas' dock on the Braden River

A few weeks ago Dave Lucas of Lucas Boatworks in Bradenton, Florida declared in his email newsletter, "Saturday, August 20 is Tiki Hut Wench day. Come on out about noon, wear appropriate garb, bring food and your skanky old pirate man if you want to. Little boats of all kind will be provided." Since Lucas Boatworks is where my old pirate man spends most of his time, we attended yesterdays festivities dressed up appropriately. It was fun and I enjoyed taking photos. You may have already seen one of Steven as Johnny Depp on my blipfoto -here are lots more! Click on any photo for a much larger version.

Steven is wearing a scarf I stamped and painted a while ago.
He chose it himself when looking for pirate garb!

Gail, Dave Lucas (our host) and Red Sears enjoying a mango

Asia and Chloe dressed for the occasion too!

Gail and Bill, appropriately attired

Steven and I made his beard extensions by braiding
wax linen, adding beads and gluing them on his beard!

Dave and Helen Lucas live on a beautiful section of the Braden River

They build boats here! Asia and Steven wheeling the
Puddleduck racer that Stan built down to the water.

Yes, it has removable wheels!

Asia is supervising these pirates ; ^ )

And the wheels are off! 

ready to go!

Dave in front, Stan sailing away . . .

The Peterborough canoe my father made

a beautiful day

enjoying the dock

I always enjoy Helen's flowers . . . 

Asia does not want to be left behind!!

I took off my pirate garb, donned a bathing suit and off we went!

Dave went swimming in his clothes!! 

Shiver me timbers and yo ho-ho! Or should I say, "Me 'n' these here scurvy scallywags drug our sorry keesters out t'th'ship'n'had us a grand great adventuaaarrr! We almost had t'keelhaul Mad Connie f'r gettin inter th' grog behind our backs!"

Thanks, dave! 


  1. Wow, that looks like a really fun day, Lenna. Love all your necklaces. I'd never be able to get my husband - also a Steven - into anything remotely resembling pirate garb, but I'd love to go floating down a quiet river. We had an Old Town canoe when I was a kid, great memories...

  2. You look FABULOUS as a wench and Steven ... well, lets just say I'm in love with the beard extensions! Clever to boot. Nice photos Lenna. Lovely memories, and I know they will make it into some of your work. xxDonna

  3. That looks fun!! And I love the braided beard!!

  4. The trouble is....I visit with my eyes here...then memories kick in, then immagination, finally phantasy, and poof....the morning flashes by and my ordinar daily chores are long neglected. But then again, who cares about shaving, it can wait.
    Steve's beard is a masterpiece. Thank you for sending these to my friend Terry. His checkered career included a stint at teaching handicapped children and I know that art was one of his big interests. Currently we are working on a radio show with some of our Nation Magazine Goup. I'll keep you posted. Red

  5. Thanks Lenna and Steve. And thanks for including my new friend Terry. We are working on a call in radio program hoping to be into it in autumn. We will need to get you as a guest at some point. But of course words can't describe your beautiful work and beautiful you. But the photos of yesterday were just great. Thanks again to both of you. Red

  6. You make a gorgeous pirate couple and the dogs are getting into the pirate spirit beautifully. What a lovely, lovely place to play pirates in.

  7. How Fun Lenna! And what a skinny minny you are - those Zumba classes are paying off!. Love Steve's extensions. Looks like everyone had a good time...J

  8. I absolutely LOVE the necklace - or is it necklaces? Did you make them? What are they made of? Wonderful eye candy, for sure!

  9. thank you all for the lovely comments . . . Trece, it is a number of necklaces worn together. I made one of them, my friend sharon borsavage made the one in the center with a copper plate she hammered & stamped herself. The rest were gifts and do not even encompass all that I own as I have been collecting & wearing jeweling for a long long time! It was fun to dress like that and wear them all together. ; )

  10. Lenna, you are a very beautiful pirate- and your husbond so hansome, with his new beard.
    you must have had some wondeful hours,with friends, and in that beautiful nature.
    As for your last sentences I don`t understand almost one word LOL



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