Wednesday, August 3, 2011

may 1 - july 31 art journal every day

I've been collecting scans and photos of my art journal work in a folder and put together this animoto video late last night. This is a really good overview of how much I have been able to create in 3 months, and even more importantly - all this work has all been done for myself. Yes, I have shared it with you, but none of it was done to be given away for a swap or an exchange, or as a call for art, or specifically for a lesson I was teaching . . . you get my drift! I did this all for my own experimentation and play, just for me to create, explore and feel good! To view this as a high definition video in a separate window - follow this link. The video embedded here is 480p and there is a full screen button in the bottom right corner. You can also change it to a lower speed -360p by clicking on the 480 and switching. Sometimes it also helps to pause after hitting play and let the video load.

Thank you for your interest, encouragement and support!
Are you doing something creative for yourself -an art journal or other project? 
Are you planning to soon? Tell us about it in you comment!  
All of the writing on the process of my art journal is here starting with the current post, scroll down. Learn more about this project here: Art Journal Every day.
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  1. I think it is great that you have done this for yourself. I tried to see both videos but they both keep getting stuck in the same spot and won't play anymore. :/ Our internet is very slow at night anyways. Hope your day is good. Tammy

  2. Thank you, Tammy. I think if you press the play button, then pause it so the video "loads" first (see that happening on the grey bar at bottom of video). When it's loaded, you should be able to play it with out it stopping. Or, you could click where the speed is displayed and change it to 360 instead of 480 or 720. I hope that helps and thanks for letting me know!

  3. It's so important we honour ourselves and our own needs. You have done that beautifully. I'm so happy you are continuing this journey. When you give so much of yourself on a regular basis, it's important to feed your own heart as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. There is some incredible work in there and I so enjoy following along. :o) xxDonna

  4. Wow Wow Wow, it's so impressive to see them all presented together, what an amazing accomplishment to have done this every day for months. Wow.

  5. This is a great compilation of your artistic work. How rewarding to see it all together. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  6. So great to see work all together in context, in its original form. It begs the question, is the book itself the work of art or each page? Or are they both in their own right?

    Love the music paper btw- i've been keeping my eyes out for old music books etc. but cant find them anywhere. Any tips? xx

  7. Lianne, I think I've been given a lot of old music paper as hostess gifts for my art swaps but I have also found some at thrift (charity) stops and tag sales. Mary Green may have some in her Free downloads Album on her Green Paper site -you could check there. Did you look on It is easy to search, and they have a lot of vintage supplies.

    Thanks for your comment too on the video! I put those together as much for myself as to share. There are actually 2 books in that video, it switches near the end to a spiral bound I am working in now. I like your questions : ) lenna

  8. I really enjoyed your video! Your work is utterly inspiring. I also need to check out Animoto - it's ace!

  9. Absolutely stunning work! I especially like the page that has collage strips as the base! Love, love, love!



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