Friday, August 19, 2011

journal play

yup! I am still here working on my art journal. I cannot claim to be working in it everyday at the moment, but you know what? That's okay! My journal still pulls me in. I get there every few days at least and when I do work in it, I get such a feeling of calmness. Don't you think that might lure me back again? So I try not to worry if other things take my time up and I don't get there. I figure as long as I wander back at some point, I'm good.

Here's how this spread went . . . I received a Zentangle newsletter where they talked about a new tangle pattern called assunta. I thought I would try it in my journal because I just needed to do something! I cannot say my first try at this was successful, but it didn't matter. Trying that new pattern out in my journal got me drawing and playing and enjoying. I took what I started and went elsewhere with it.

I used a charcoal pencil -added more doodling and then smeared it.
The faint stamp of a bird is a leftover from sending mail art.

 I added transparencies of photos first. 
The one in the bottom corner is an extra from my haiku ATCs.
I used watercolor crayons even though I knew the charcoal would smear a bit.

It did smear a bit but I still liked it. 

I started rummaging in drawers and found some dyed paper toweling.
It was given to me as a hostess gift in a swap -wish I could remember by who!
I ripped bits of it off and used tacky glue to adhere it to the page.

I also added a feather I found that day. I think my friend Donna is super tuned-in to how I work! She wrote a post about making a tag herself and then described how some of her friends might approach it in this post here. Looking at this page and what I have added, I think she knows me well! I also rubber stamped the bird foot prints. The stamp was on my table and matched the feather.

A little sparkle was added with perfect pearls mist.
I did not spray it (too much) I used a paint brush to drip and flick.
See it sparkle below. Click for details; click again if you see a plus sign.

To finish the spread, I added photo images - the sailboat (below) was already in my stash. My parents are sailing the melonseed sailboat my father built by hand. We had a party celebrating all the boats my father has made in 2006, on a lake in CT where we lived. Steven and I called it a BYOB party -Bring Your Own Boat! (made by my dad -he has made about a dozen). Sadly, my dad would not be able to sail this boat today-he is too ill. Unfortunately cancer and chemo have had their effects. But we still talk about his boats with him and Steven and I still take his beautiful boats out here to paddle or sail in Florida.

On this side I added the photo of the bird on a branch that was already printed out waiting to be used -a photo I took that I always liked but I don't think I have ever used in my art yet. It seemed to go with the rest of the page and also be what it needed.

The final spread, below. 
Thanks for looking! 


  1. The two page spread looks great, love that you used so many different techniques and it all started with a doodle;-)

  2. gorgeous lenna, intricate yet peaceful...thank you much for sharing. :)

  3. Dear Lenna- it is amazing how the mix of all those materials and colors, becomes a wonderful whole, by your so clever hands.

  4. Love the way you've used your beautiful bird pictures in this spread, the colours merge so wonderfully well with the boat photo.

  5. There are so many elements that make up your harmonious pages - Lenna they're amazing!
    The photos you used blend in so well - you are making it look easy but I know it's not as I can fiddle for hours over pages!&*%

    Shane :))

  6. Great combination of images, stamps, paints and doodling. Happy memories about your dad and his wonderful boat building skills.


  7. Love all the bits and pieces which ended up in this piece and go so well together to make the 'whole'. I always find the process fascinating. Beautiful pages, Lenna. I'm sending your Papa a hug. His boats are part of his legacy ... absolutely exquisite. xxDonna



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