Tuesday, August 2, 2011

friends and hearts

{ art journal July 29-31 }
When I was looking for the photos I had saved of the pea-hen (think: female peacock) that my friend Frieda had taken, I came across a different photo Frieda had taken earlier this year that I loved. I asked her about this photo and she said, Sweetheart Abbey is about an hour or so away from us in the Dumfries & Galloway region of Scotland. It was actually erected by a widow for her sweetheart of a husband, whose heart is reputed to be buried there. It's one of our most beautiful abbeys in my opinion and it helped that the day I visited it last year was bathed in sunlight! Good for the pictures and also for looking around. I will no doubt go back there one of these days. 
Since I was printing the photos of the pea-hen for my last journal spread and transparency film is not cheap, I also added Frieda's photo of the Sweetheart windows when printing. This made it's way into my journal almost immediately and guided me in my creating. Before I adhered the transparency of the photo to the page (xyron) I stamped a favorite quote about friendship. This was one of my LennaLines rubber stamps! (2000-2003)

Underneath the Sweetheart windows I placed a heart shaped leaf I found recently.
Frieda and I are both romantic souls and have uploaded heart shaped leaves before.
No, we did not plan that. Neither did I plan the leaf below -it was on my table!

I used gel medium to adhere and protect it.

Time to splatter and splash! 

I used sequin waste as a stencil and sprayed Adirondack Color wash on.

Added, papers, journaling . . . I am very lucky to have friends

I will add some more steps to my july art journal folder in my flicker account tomorrow! -Done!
If you would prefer a slideshow with larger images, try this link.

If you are thinking of diving into this project please go read Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's post for the August sign-up. It is really well-written. I cannot even express how fabulous this project has been for me. Go read what she says about it, so very encouraging! 


  1. Another gorgeous spread, Lenna. The photograph and the heart leaf .. amazing. Dumfries ... know, or did know the area so well. Spent a lot of time when I lived in London. So beautiful along the Scottish borders! Your art journal is turning into something really wonderful for you. I'm so happy! I really enjoy seeing it change and evolve. xxDonna

  2. Lenna, friendship,is the most valuable thing on earth-
    I love the spread with sprayed on patterns, it looks fantastic, dear friend.

  3. Normally your posts make me smile or even laugh out loud, Lenna, with delight but this one almost made me cry, because I felt so moved by what our friendship means to both of us. You described it so well and made a beautiful page in your journal too! Love how you've used the photograph. I'm sure we'll make it there sometime!!

  4. Wow Lenna - I'm so honoured to have part of me incorporated into this wonderful tribute to your friendship with Frieda. It really is wonderful! J



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