Friday, August 26, 2011

before and after

You may have heard me "rumbling" about the mess in my studio . . . .

I finally could not stand it anymore and I am pleased to show you this instead . . .

a h h h h h h h . . .  
i do love having lots of things around to grab and use when I am working
but in the other hand, sometimes you get closed in by all that, 
don't you agree?

I felt it was time for me to re-boot, as my husband would say! 
happy creating! with love, lenna

from our visit to Selby Gardens last sunday . . . .


  1. wow...what an awesome place you have to create! :)

  2. Nice big desk...
    Is that your heat gun in the wooden holder just to the right of center?
    If it is, do you just leave it in the holder and move your item to be dried around under the heat, or do you lift it out?

  3. LOL Lenna - like you I need to "clean up" from time to time - though my trigger is typically the sighs and looks from hubby when certain spaces seem to have become suddenly overgrown and dire need of a good weeding. It definetly can help to make things tidy - and get the itch to make a NEW mess!

  4. Such a beautiful studio, Lenna! I do know what you mean about re-booting. It's a good thing. You can start all over again now. he he. I wonder how long it will take? It doesn't take me long to make a big mess I can tell you. Enjoy it while you can. :o) Thanks for all your lovely words and support with my blog. xxDonna

  5. Ha! Just how long will that pristine work surface last? One at a time those supplies will reappear, like something in a disney will take only one project or journal page, with a little searching for just the right color or trim, and then OH NO it needs clearing out again. I should know: been there, done that, done that, done that...
    The clearing out phase is so vital for the birth of new ideas, eh?

  6. thank you all so much for your comments. You made me smile & laugh!!! To Leslie -yes, that is my old Milwaukee heat gun in a stand on my table. I almost always lift it out of the holder to use it, and I use it a lot for drying things and occasionally for embossing. Once in a while I turn it on in while it is in the holder and pass something underneath it, but I usually take it out and point it where I need it.

    I do think you need to "clean up" from time to time to get new ideas flowing . . . and that was the impetus behind this. I don't think this clean slate will last too long but at least I have it on film!! ; ^ ) lenna

  7. I love all the wonderful light and surfaces.

  8. First, I gave your blog a shout out on my blog today. Stop by and visit if you get a chance!
    Second, will you come to my house for a real visit and work your magic on my art room? It's such a mess, I haven't even been using it!

  9. I don`t think I will show you mine tables LOL -you could be schared :)
    sometimes I`m working on 30 x 30 cm place !!!!!!
    Hugs and happy week-end

  10. We've been gone for a week. We were in the DialUpDesert AKA The Farm. I spent 8 hours doing what you did before we left. My drawing table was in a pristine state. I've been home less than 12 hours, and my desk already looks like your Before!

    How long will it last? LOL.

    Good luck with the Weather.

  11. You did a great job cleaining up and it looks so tidy and inviting. There is a certain tipping point at which a clean up just has to happen in my sewing room. Reboot is a good term.

  12. I tried to dive right into my computer screen to see all those goodies on your desk. Bright blue Staz-On, yes, I have that one. Yes glue also on my desk (after your recommendations!. Love all the goodies on show but I agree, sometimes you need to cleanse your work surface so that you can cleanse your mind! And it's fun to fill it up again too!

  13. Great sorting - a necessary evil! Isn't it lovely starting off with a clean table though, like a fresh sheet in your sketchbook.

    You have such a gorgeous studio to work in, lucky girl.


  14. Wow! Lenna your studio is stunning...I have VERY envious!! My craft area is so small *sulks with bottem lip out*

  15. Your studio is beautiful,Lenna! I would love to create there!

  16. Maybe I'll just do a "before" post because every time I do a clean-up, the very next day, "it's baaaaack!"

    That looks like a great studio! Thank you for sharing!



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