Saturday, July 16, 2011

playing on a summer day

{ art journal July 15 + 16 }

I like how my art journal allows me to play and to try whatever I feel like doing without worry. To concentrate mostly on doing and enjoying! I do love exchanges where I am given parameters and themes as those often help to me get started in my art making.
But there is really something about working on a free theme without any boundaries or expectations, except to try to do "something" for at least a few minutes everyday.
Writing and sharing about it here on my blog really helps me to keep this project alive. I do not think everything I do in my art journal is fabulous -- but the act of being creative every day is most certainly fabulous! And that is what keeps me going.

Last night I added a few papers to my art journal, and doing that suggested to me to add a little charcoal pencil. The scrapbook paper I laid down on the right had a bit of a dark edge and I wanted more.

The leafy paper on the left was a leftover piece from an earlier spread. I liked that paper so much, I could not help but add what was left. I found both papers at Alpha Stamps.

After I drew with the charcoal pencil, I smudged it a bit with my finger. Then I left the journal alone at that point, after spending about 10 minutes working on it. I wasn't done, but I was ready to stop and let my brain marinate about what I might do next!

This afternoon, I added another image of a flower from the same paper still on my desk (used in a previous spread) and a copy of a collage sheet image I had found at Alpha Stamps: Blue Birds. I copied this collage sheet onto a tan piece of stationary as well as a transparency sheet as you can see below. I liked the collage sheet images, but wanted them to look different. I also added more charcoal to both sides of the page, added a ticket stub and wrote what I was thinking while working and smudged the charcoal a bit more. When I was done, I sprayed the page with a matte sealer to stop the charcoal from smudging.

Finishing the spread, I added the repeat of the collage sheet image, this time printed on a transparency next to the flower. Then I went looking for a few favorite quotes to add -click for details. After printing those out and gluing them on the page, I colored the white water color paper in a little with pink water soluble crayons and splattered watered-down Halo Pink Gold Lumiere paint across the spread - I love how that looks!

All in a summer's day, right? How is your summer becoming?
; ^ ) lenna


  1. Thank you for your well wishes and thank you for stopping by my blog! Yours is WONDERFUL :-)


  2. This spread is absolutely beautiful, Lenna. I'm happy you are enjoying your journal so much .. it's an opportunity to be completely yourself, as you say, with no other expectations. I'm so happy you are sharing it with us as you go. hugs, Donna

  3. So lovely! I've enjoyed your blog so much that I started one as well. It seems a nice way to give back to the world a bit. I hope a few people might get some inspiration or pleasure out of it.

    It's if you'd like to visit - I hope that you don't mind me linking you in my first post!

  4. Dear Lenna, those last spreads really speeks to my romantic soul, they are so beautiful- and so exiting , like this one, with all the strong color impressions -GORGEUS-
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  5. It's great to be able to use bits of this and that to create with. Love your journal spread. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  6. You look like you've been having lots of fun creating. Charcoal is wonderful, isn't it? I love how it gives such tone and depth to an image. Lovely colours here too.


  7. I love this spread, the charcoal is really nice. I really like how you show the progression of the pages. I'm enjoying all your pages.

  8. I feel inspired having just gone on a blog hop today to do some more things in my own journals and sketchbooks. love what you have done here and think you can't beat journalling and sketchbooking . . . I've just seen this e-course so am off to check it out. Happy making!


  9. How could I possibly resist a spread about roses and that also has one of my favourite quotation on it! I have kept this quiet till now for you have been so inspirational with your journal pages that finally, at long last, I've made a start too. Not ready to show yet, but in the making! So THANK YOU once again!

  10. So pretty...I hope that I grow to be able to do something as beautiful!

  11. Dear Lenna
    This is my first visit here and it is thanks to my dearest friend, Dorthe.
    I feel it like a breath of fresh air -
    so inspiring!!! I am also a journal maker but am in love with fabrics and am slowly extending to paper.
    Thanks for sharing your daily journal thoughts. I shall follow. Am just recovering from the farewell of my dearest dog Cherie after a long 17 years of her most unconditional love.
    Have a great week,

  12. Gorgeous as always friend! Your pieces are always so romantic and, and full of life!

  13. whoa loving your diary
    this is amazing
    so inspring i think i might start having one art journal

  14. I love the spread, but most I love the quotes. I know that they will be a springboard and source of inspiration for me, for future pages. Thanks so much for sharing your work so generously!!



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