Tuesday, July 12, 2011

paper, wings and roses

{ art journal July 11 + 12 }
This art journal spread started with the butterfly and roses paper you see above.
I covered both pages with sections of this paper and then added a small page from a bird book sent to me by my friend, Joanna Urbani in the UK. We are in a mail art exchange together and when she last sent to the group she enclosed the most delicious little bird book pages, etc. The word THRUSHES and the little bird you see above were part of what she sent too. Below is a full view of the start of my work, yesterday.
The black & white spotted feather with black string is from Joanna-she wrapped it around the book pages. I left the pages alone at that point and came back this morning and decided to add a piece of dried white fountain grass I had picked up off the ground yesterday. It was just too pretty and I thought maybe I could use it in my journal. I ironed it flat and prepared my journal page for it with matte medium.

Below is the journal spread shown farther along in my process, with the grass added (more matte medium) and rubber stamps put to use. When I continued adding things Joanna had enclosed, I turned the focus of this spread to mail art! 
 The other page is below -the 1/2 a butterfly + the text are also from Joanna.
I'd like to think that I am as cute as the young woman peeking in her mailbox to see if anything has come!  The greenish cancelled postage stamp is a rubber stamp by the moon rose in NY, not sure if they are still in business. I used to teach classes there and I know the store has closed. 

Here is a scan of the entire finished spread -
I really like it! Thank you Joanna, I love what you sent.
Very different from my last spread. I did take the suggestions and
 painted the inside of the page under the wires.
I think it looks a lot better.
I did not feel like this spread needed anything like that.
Hmm, I wonder what tomorrow will bring to my journal?

 All I know is this is true . . . .

; ^ ) lenna 


  1. lenna, your art spread here is FABULOUS...exceptional color & content AND i agree, yes, indeed... art encourages us to breath and become! blest be :)

  2. This spread really really really speaks to me, makes me smile, makes me feel good inside ... all the warm and fuzzy stuff. LOVE IT! Beautiful elements beautifully executed and placed. and YES, Art Helps Us BREATHE! for sure. xxDonna

  3. I just love this spread Lenna - it really is beautiful...J

  4. It's lovely to see those few bits and pieces I sent used so BEAUTIFULLY! This is such a lovely spread, Lenna and yes, Art does help us breathe (and keeps my brain calm too!).


  5. All of your artwork really is fabulous and so inspiring! Blessings, Tammy

  6. This is just beautiful! I like the addition of the feather and grass. Very nice.

  7. A gorgeous spread and of course I totally adore the roses. Also extra special to remind you of all that beauty that came your way courtesy of Joanna, which makes it more meaningful still. I think the white is okay here because there is already white on the spread so it doesn't catches your eye so much. Love what you've done on the previous one!

  8. lenna,
    this art journal is amazing and prettiest one I have ever seen. The images have such depth amd the words are beautiful too.

  9. Lenna, this is gorgeus, SOO lovely, and beautiful- you made a fantastic spread,here, I just love it-- and YES -for me too, :Art Helps Us Breathe!
    And this post made my morning beautiful.



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