Friday, July 22, 2011

the other page

{ art journal July 21 + 22 }

I have many photos to share of the making of the "other page" above (see last post!)

My square punch was still out on my work table, which prompted me to make windows.
you can see the "peter max" page peeking through.

After making these windows, I decided to cover them with transparency images I had spied earlier and set aside to use sometime. From ARTchix Studio. They are "inchie" sized and perfect for the space my square punch left. I used a small amount of Tacky glue around the border of the openings to attach the transparencies. See below.


I added watercolor crayon (can't stay away for too long).

Got it wet with a fat brush.
(That was all yesterday . . . . )

Today, I got out a stencil from ArtistCellar. I thought the wild flowers would go well with  the colorful adjacent page. I used the squares of paper I had punched out to cover over and protect my transparency windows, just in case because I do tend to get messy!

My first instinct was to sponge on  Dye-na-flow, which is a paint that is thin like a dye. 

It was a little too wet. I liked it okay, but it was not quite what I had in mind . . . 
I dried the wet paint with a heat gun . . . 

and got out a green craft inkpad (versacraft) and sponged away.
I do hold the stencil down with my free hand -when I am not photographing!

The stencil is lifted - THIS is what I wanted to see and I like it even better with the yellow paint down first and the green ink sponged on top! creative recoveries are my favorite!

Got out that black sharpie marker again!

How the two pages look together on my table . . . 

You can kind of see through  the windows . . . 

Together at last! 

A clear scan. What do you think? Click on any photo for detail.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Learn more about this project here: Art Journal Every day.
All of the writing on the process of my art journal is here
-it starts with the current post, scroll down.


  1. I just love what you did with the transparencies and the punch. Very clever. The stencil worked well, didn't it! I have that one as well and have been spraying over it with glimmer mist for envelopes. Cool. So many possibilities. Thanks for sharing Lenna. Have a great weekend. xxDonna

  2. I do love this second page. So bright and cheery! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  3. these pages are gorgeous... they compliment each other perfectly. AND thank you for showing your process with the stencils. i got several stencils at the last quilt show here in paducah KY and have been using spray paint, now i will experiment with your technique, woohoo!! blest be :)

  4. Lenna, your blog looks fantastic! I love the way you've shared your methods for your art journal pages! All the color is wonderful and the techniques look like fun. After seeing that, I want to break out my dyne-a-flo paints! I really like the feature that shows all of your recent photos. I hope your weekend is wonderful. Hugs, Terri

  5. Oh I love those little windows! Super mask, the 2 colour process really brought out the best in it.

    'Hello World' is a perfect sentiment!


  6. Considering how different they are they go together beautifully! Love the windows you've made. A bit of mystery is added to the pages!

  7. love your work! I am just beginning with art journalling and am loving to see how you work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Hi Lenna! Your pages look great! I like that you put down the yellow and then dabbed the green. There's no such things as mistakes, just creative opportunities. (isn't that a quote from Julie Balzer? LOL) And thank you for linking to artistcellar. I'm glad you like your things.
    Lisa (from Artistcellar!)



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