Thursday, July 14, 2011

orange peel in dark chocolate

{ art journal July 13 + 14 }
This is a kind of crazy, fun spread I did for my art journal every day project. 

Steven and I often watch a movie or streaming programs at night and some of those times we'll have a bit of chocolate to go along with the movie or show. I had forgotten all about this dark chocolate we had hidden on top of the fridge! I found it yesterday, which means of course we enjoyed a few squares last night  . . . . this dark chocolate is so divine with the addition of orange peel! The wrapper appealed to me too, so I thought I might use it in my art journal as a way to remember this small pleasure of ours.

On the inside of the wrapper a poem was printed! The wrapper even said so on the outside, but I did not pay attention or know what it meant and was surprised by it. Once I found it (yes, the chocolate is gone now!) I copied the inside wrapper with my scanner/ printer and placed that on the left page and put the real front cover wrapper on the right side page. I added a few pieces of leftover papers on my table, circled below.

The poem is by Thomas Moore and really quite interesting.
The little bird up top is also from Joanna! (see previous post)
I adore how even in the copy of this side of the wrapper, you can see the indentation of the gold heart seal, next to the words "in dark chocolate" on the front!

I added journaling to make sure I did not forget! click for details.

and this is a real postage stamp, circled below.
(don't tell, it is really kumquats, not oranges!)

I like the 14 Gold Kyron marker edging the entire page. I just picked up a new one!
fun to do and easy.
I hope you enjoy the photos and the chocolate (vicariously!)
; ^ ) ) lenna 


  1. always, always, always enjoy snap shots of your art lenna, AND chocolate AND everything orange... it all sparks a smile! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I needed a little pick-me-up today, and virtual chocolate did it =)

  3. Mmmmmm, that chocolate sounds delicious! Happy spread, recording fun moments with Steven.

    ps hello again to the little birdie!

  4. Another fun spread in your journal. Love the poem. Thanks for sharing your art, Lenna ... always inspires me! hugs, Donna

  5. This is my favorite chocolate bar...and I always save the wrappers too! What a fun spread you've made with it.

  6. such a yummy journal. Chocolate is my favorite too!

  7. Very cool website! love, love, love it!

  8. What fun this sounds and looks! I can just imagine you two enjoying the chocolate together. And it has resulted in another lovely spread. I can almost taste the chocolate, but not quite. Time to raid my own cupboard!



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